March 2011

Top 10 Rental Deals for Foodies

Top 10 Rental Deals for Foodies<br />
Mar 09, 2011

If you have an appetite for good food and good deals, this is the perfect blog for you. We rounded up ten deals in ten destinations known for their offerings of the edible kind – from cheap buffets to fancy restaurants. If none of these appeal to you, however, don't worry - check out our other deals.

Miami Beach, $52 a night

Las Vegas, $54 a night

Phoenix, $450 a week

Key Largo, $495 a week

Paris, €73 a night

New York City, $87 a night

Venice, Italy, €97 a night

San Francisco, $99 a night

Chicago, $150 a night

Napa Valley, $152 a night