5 Reasons You'll Love Hawaii

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Apr 06, 2012

Hawaii, the mere thought of it conjures up images of palm trees, white sand, long boards and hula dancers... and ultimately can be summed up in one word- paradise! As if that is not enough reason love Hawaii, here are 5 more:

1. The Landscapes

Hawaii is known for its beautiful scenic island landscapes. The Hawaiian Islands themselves are volcanoes surrounded by water. Some of the volcanoes in Hawaii are active which gives some of the beaches beautiful black sand. The islands of Hawaii are lush, green and rich in nature and the shores are surrounded by crystal green and blue waters. There are stunning hidden waterfalls that flow throughout the hills, and can be reached via nature walks and horseback rides through the lush greenery.

2. The People

The culture in Hawaii is relaxed and the people are laid back. The "aloha" spirit in Hawaii is alive in the locals. The local people are friendly and welcoming and show respect to travellers as long as the travellers show respect to them. The Hawaiian population comprises of native Hawaiians as well as diverse mix of other cultures including Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese. The language spoken in Hawaii is called Pidgin but they also speak English on the Islands.

3. The Food

Hawaii is a land of mixed cultures and therefore the local cuisine is a blended array of different foods. As Hawaii is a series of islands a main source of food is the ocean so people who like seafood will be thrilled with the abundance of fish and the unique ways that it is prepared and served on the Islands. If you don't like seafood, never fear because other popular choices in Hawaiian cuisine include pork, chicken and beef. Taro is a widely grown root plant on the island that is enjoyed in a dish called Poi and included into many dishes. Try some local Hawaiian wine, local beer or a 'Blue Hawaiian' cocktail with your meal, providing you are of legal drinking age.

4. Things To See And Do

Hawaii is abundant in natural wonders, so commonly people partake in guided hikes, cycling tours and horseback rides through the hills and around the beaches. Water sports including scuba diving and snorkelling is another popular activity because of all the brightly coloured tropical fish. Visitors also like to learn to surf (or at least try to) and swim with the dolphins during their stay. Depending on where you are staying you will find many other sites to visit but an absolute must-see site during your stay in Hawaii is the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour.

5. Accommodations

There is a blend of luxury hotels, chain hotels, and private apartments for rent in Hawaii. Some are closer to the beach while some are closer to the centre of the island. As Hawaii is a tourist area there are many different accommodation options suited to your preferences and budget.

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