How to Snag the Cheapest Rental Deal

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Jan 03, 2012

With so many destinations, and so many vacation rentals, how can you find the best deals of the batch? If you're looking to save a whole lot of money on your next vacation, Vacation is a great place to start. While rental deals are plentiful on the site, scouring through them can be a task. Here's an easy guide to finding the best vacation rental deal for your upcoming getaway.

1. Browse Current Deals

We make it easy to find deals, by aggregating all of them right here. You can check these deals out in different ways. Maybe you want to see the deals expiring soon (sort by "days left"), or check out the deals offering up the most value (sort by "value"), or view deals by "location." You can of course search for deals in any destination on the site, too! If you're open minded about your destination, though, this is a fun way to see what your different money-saving options are!

2. Check out the Deals Map

Are you a visual learner? Then don't overlook our Deals Map. You can see deals that are about to expire pop up on our map!

3. Sort by "Rates"

Just because a vacation rental isn't offering up a deal or special offer, doesn't mean it's not incredibly affordable. Some of the best "deals" are not really deals at all, but are affordable year-round. The best way to spot a deal like this is to browse rentals in a particular city and then sort by "rates," so the cheapest rentals rise to the top.

4. More Tips

Besides booking a deal through Vacation, there are other tips that can help you save on accommodations.

  • Visit a destination during its off season (for example, Florida in the fall versus summer)
  • Don't pay for optional amenities like house cleaning
  • Visit an obscurer destination (avoid big ski resorts like Winter Park and head to lesser known Estes Park)
  • Take advantage of a last minute cancellation special, or vice versa, plan well in advance so you can negotiate a good rate
  • Book a rental right outside the major attractions