Top 10 Haunted Houses in America

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Top 10 Haunted Houses in America
Sep 01, 2010

Vacation wants you to get sufficiently spooked this Halloween! This blog isn’t for the scaredy cats and chickens in the audience. We've tracked down the top 10 haunted houses in America. Plus, we’ve found some great vacation rentals to go with – proceed with caution…

Las Vegas Haunts
Las Vegas, Nevada

The scary story goes that an escaped mental patient bloodied up the Hotel Feoray with a murderous rampage. Some people don’t have any class. Thrill seekers can tour both the Asylum and Hotel Fear at the Texas Station Hotel and Casino during the month of October.

Terror Behind the Walls
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

During the 1800s, Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary was the last place on earth its prisoners – like Al Capone – wanted to be. Each inmate was confined to a single cell and left to his own devices. Talk about a bad case of cabin fever! While Terror Behind the Walls is a seasonal event, tours of the prison are offered year-round.

Seven Floors of Hell
Cleveland, Ohio

This massive attraction features not one, not two, but seven haunted houses. We’re especially curious about Scarecrow's Revenge.

Atlanta, Georgia

The devil’s really in the details here. This world-famous haunt is filled with some of the best, or better yet - scariest, actors and sets in the biz.

Headless Horseman
Ulster Park, New York

It may be tame, but it’s definitely not lame. Explore three haunted houses, a labyrinth, and hayride at this family-friendly attraction.

The Darkness
St. Louis, Missouri

If you're the type of person who nitpicks every little detail of every movie you see, this one’s for you. You’ll find very little to criticize as you walk through this immaculate haunted house, with its superior special effects and set design. The Darkness undergoes a $150,000 renovation every year.

Bates Motel
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area

Hayrides are fun and all, but when you add pyrotechnics into the mix, they get rather unnerving. In addition to the top-notch Bates Motel haunted houses, the Haunted Hayride is a must-see (don’t close those eyes).

House of Torment
Austin, Texas

Nothing’s at all subtle about this haunted house, which has gotten even the manliest of men to let out a shriek (or two).

13th Gate
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This unique haunted house – both indoor and outdoor – is dreamt up by set designers and special effects experts right out of Hollywood. To boot, the 13th Gate is located in a former slaughterhouse, centuries old.

Whaley House
San Diego, California

Your best chance at a real-live ghost encounter is probably at this historic estate. Although creepy animatronics won’t jump out at you at every turn, we're sure your spine will have its fair share of chills.


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