Vacations of the Rich and Famous - for the Not so Rich and Famous

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Vacations of the Rich and Famous
Oct 08, 2009

We all love vicariously living through the vacations of the rich and famous...the paparazzi certainly helps us do that! But maybe it's time to stop dreaming of a luxurious getaway fit for a celeb or US president, and make it a reality for us, Average Joe and Jane. Best of all, even though you may not be rich or famous, no photog's gonna be snapping shots of you in your bathing suit on the beach. Here are some popular rich and famous vacation spots paired with some great vacation rental deals.

South Beach
Catch a tan and maybe a glimpse of a celebrity in this posh party destination.

Cabo San Lucas
When the wealthy get away for a weekend, they make a beeline for Cabo.

French Riviera
The South of France really is all it’s cracked out to be.

Go for a ski down star-studded slopes.

Lake Como
The water… Italy…what more could one ask for than a Lake Como-inspired coma of sorts? (Besides an affordable lake home, of course!)

British Virgin Islands
This Caribbean hot spot is a favorite among the more, ahem, epicurean jet setters out there.

It’s easy for the rich and famous to hide away here – they’ve got 300 something islands to pick from.

Every year, New York City’s elite enjoy summer sojourns to this surprising beach destination.

It’s flashier than Vegas. Enough said.

Napa Valley
California’s wealthiest wine snobs come here for peace, quiet, and of course, bottles of vino from the country’s best vineyards.

Martha’s Vineyard
Thanks to its lucky New England locale and luxurious island vibes, “the Vineyard” is legendary for hosting ultra-powerful guests. High-ranking politicians – including many US presidents – flee DC for this sun-drenched retreat every year.


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