Airfare Deals to Mexico

airfare deals to mexicoMexico is more than just a hot destination for travelers; it's also a country filled with culture and diversity, as well as beautiful beaches and landscapes you won't find anywhere else. If you're looking for airfare deals to Mexico, there are a few places you can get the best deals. Getting airfare deals to Mexico is easy; you just have to know where to look and what to look for before booking your dream vacation.

Shop Around at Different Airports and Ticket Types

Try using surrounding airports for cheaper rates.  At times it is much less expensive to fly to a neighboring airport than it is to land in a major airport. The savings can be quite substantial when all you'll need is a bus, taxi or train ride to the city you need to enter. For example, Baja Mexico is home to 10 airports. Some are international airports, some are national airports and a few are not classified as either. An international airport can be up to $200 higher than if you flew to a smaller airport in the same city. This is an excellent way of getting airfare deals to Mexico. You could be a taxi cab drive away from saving hundreds of dollars.

Find out the price difference for round trip tickets as opposed to one way tickets. One way tickets are always more expensive so even if you are staying for an extended time, it's in your best interest to find out the cost of round trip airfare. On international flights the savings are even more significant so be sure to book a round trip flight. It's easier to try to change the dates if you need to than paying exorbitant fees for a one way ticket.

Timing Is Everything

Avoid the holidays if possible. Holiday flights and peak season flights (such as summertime) typically have the highest rates, so if you're looking for an airfare deal to Mexico then try to go when it is not a holiday. If you do plan to vacation to Mexico during the holidays, it's cheaper to fly the day of the holiday than it is to book a flight the day before since most people plan to fly a day or two before the actual holiday.

Book in advance when possible. Two to three weeks in advance is optimal when booking a flight and if you're flying internationally, 30 days is best. So unless you live in Mexico you'll want to book a month in advance to save the most money and get an airfare deal to Mexico. The savings can be up to a couple of hundred dollars on just that tip alone. Also, make sure you can be flexible when booking your flight. If you must leave and return on a specific date that's fine but be prepared to pay more. Sometimes staying just a day longer can be savings of $100 or more. While it's not always possible to stay longer or leave on a certain date, whenever possible try to do this so that you can get an even better rate.

Do Your Research

Regardless of whom you ultimately choose for your airfare deal to Mexico, always keep in mind your specific wants and needs and make sure to do your research. Compare prices, check different dates and schedules, and always ask for discounts. One of the most important things to remember is to look at extra costs such as the baggage prices mentioned above. Cost such as that, insurance, and fees can bring your bottom line up much higher than you may have expected. Check out reviews on each airline to see which one has the best overall rating from customers and most important, enjoy your trip to Mexico.