Barbados Vacations

barbados vacationsIf you would like a beautiful island vacation in warm and sunny climate, consider a Barbados vacation. Depending on your airline and city of origin, a flight to Barbados can be cheaper than the price of a flight to Hawaii. By staying in one of our Barbados vacation rentals, you can save money compared to the cost of a hotel, and have a unique and exotic family vacation in comfortable accommodations. Your friends will be amazed that you went to Barbados.

Barbados is an island nation about 560 miles from the coast of Venezuela. Only 166 square miles, no matter where you stay, you will not be too far from anything else. There are buses, vans, taxis, and rental cars available for transportation during your Barbados vacation sightseeing expeditions.

All About the Beach

Barbados vacations focus on the beach. The water is amazingly the beautiful blue-green color of the postcards. They really didn’t fake it after all. All the beaches—70 miles of them—are considered a public right and are open to everyone. Along the western shoreline you will find beaches with calm waters and soft white sand. On the eastern side of the island, there are coral structures formed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

With so many miles of beach, it is natural that Barbados vacations would include many water activities. You can participate in swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, sailing, surfing, and more. You can even go 150 feet below the surface in a submarine with windows to view the variety of colorful sea life.

Head Inland

Barbados vacations include inland areas as well as beaches. There are many parks, gardens, and trails designed to preserve the natural beauty and habitat of the island, and even a cave to explore. Sports activities include tennis, golf, cricket, water polo, and other water sports.

In Barbados vacations include many opportunities for shopping. Historically one of the trading centers of the Caribbean, Barbados is still a haven for duty-free shopping, and US currency is widely accepted at shops and restaurants. If you like historic venues, visit the Museum of Parliament and National Heroes Gallery, the Barbados Museum with its prison cell galleries, the Bridgetown Synagogue, or Farley Hill, a former plantation.

Whatever you are looking for in Barbados vacations, the experience is sure to be enhanced as your family gathers together in your vacation rental at the beginning or end of a busy day.