Barbados Weddings

barbados weddingsA beach, palm trees,warm ocean breezes—a perfect setting for living out the dreams of a Barbados wedding. Imagine being married on a boat, in an open-air plantation home, barefoot on the soft sand beaches, or maybe even by the majestic sea cliffs.

The Island of Barbados boasts more than 70 miles of pristine coastline with near-perfect conditions and annual water temperatures between 70–80 degrees. Scubas, snorkeling, or diving excursions invite visitors to experience the underwater adventures such as seeing marine life, coral reefs, and sunken ships.

The Island of Barbados is known for its natural beauty; rich, vibrant culture; and the friendliness of its people. The beauty of the island of Barbados can provide that romantic escape and venue.

Rum and Barbados are forever tied together whether in legend or fact—with rum being the oldest distilled spirit in Barbados and with a history spanning more than 370 years. So just imagine a wedding toast in the birthplace of rum!

Barbados weddings held in this tropical island paradise are nothing less than magical. The warm breezes of this Caribbean locale make weddings breathtakingly beautiful. 

cheap guest accommodations

Cheap Guest Accommodations

Friends and family are important parts of any wedding, so a wedding in Barbados will give those special people an extraordinary experience while sharing in the your special day. Imagine staying, not in a hotel, but a Barbados beach rental with family and friends staying together under one roof.

Vacation rentals offer substantial savings and luxury, as well as more space, multiple bedrooms, a kitchen—some even offer private yards or patios. Imagine a Barbados rental that could include amenities such as boat dock, pool, and plenty of outdoor space. With those private kitchens, family and friends can gather for a home-cooked meal. But don’t forget about the nightlife and entertainment that abounds around the island. You’ll find beach, wine, and sports bars, as well as nightclubs serving up jazz and reggae—there is something for everyone!

Whether you are the lucky bride and groom, or a guest of the happy couple, accommodations from will surely make these Barbados weddings a truly memorable occasion. offers detailed listings of available Barbados rentals with your choice of amenities. Rentals can offer Jacuzzis, beachfront locations, pools, and vistas that may leave you breathless.

In addition to a wide-range of Barbados rentals, offers a large array of vacation ideas and travel tips. This will help ensure that everyone’s needs are satisfied, and the trip is as pleasurable as possible.

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