Bethany Beach Pet Friendly Rentals

bethany beach pet friendly rentalsYou'll love to spend your vacation in the Bethany Beach pet friendly rentals. These beach-side cottages afford you with the kind of quiet, peace, and luxury you look for in lodging as you enjoy a beautiful vacation at the beach. The beach is one of several that are found in southeastern Delaware and if you choose to stay in these cottages you can visit all of the beaches near here, including South Bethany and Fenwick Island.

Kick Back And Relax

Your vacation is likely to be equal parts rest and relaxation, as well as splendid outdoor adventure. All kinds of water sports are available at Bethany Beach. You can swim, fish, surf, boogie board or go for a raft ride. Most people find the water warm enough to enjoy from early June until late September. The bay at Bethany Beach also provides visitors a great place from which to launch a sailboat, or go windsurfing. Water skiing is also an option. Fishing and crabbing at the bay are more can't-miss experiences.

Nightlife at Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach pet friendly rentals also allow you close access to the town where you can explore various local shops and restaurants. Enjoy local activities including --volleyball, basketball, and arcades. If you're looking for a bit of romance and quiet, you can take a lovely nighttime stroll along the boardwalk. And, if you're in Bethany Beach for the summer the city of Bethany Beach always has extra events planned; musical concerts and performances are scheduled at the city's boardwalk bandstand. And, there is a large celebration during the fourth of July, as well as an arts festival and Surffishing competitions.

Your Best Option

Make sure you stay at the Bethany Beach pet friendly rentals where you can accommodate every member of your traveling group, even your pets! This is a great way to enjoy your vacation as well as knowing that one of your favorite members of the family is along for the ride. Spread out and relax in these Bethany Beach pet friendly rentals where you're always welcome and your pets are too. The rentals give you so much more than stuffy hotels, which generally do not welcome animals. Instead, you'll be living in an inviting and homey atmosphere, where you can have easy access to Bethany Beach and where you can feel at ease letting your pets romp and play and be themselves.