biketoberfestWhether you are looking to top off your vacation to Daytona Beach, Florida with an exciting event, or have a passion for motorcycles, Biketoberfest is the place for you. Held annually, this motorcycle festival is known internationally for its expos, racing, shows, concerts, seminars, celebrity appearances and street rallies. It has also won numerous awards and attracts thousands from all over the globe.

Displaying cutting edge bikes decked out with style, craftsmanship, and the latest equipment, the Biketoberfest events also feature hard-to-come-by vintage models and unique custom bikes unlike any you have ever seen. While there, you can sink your teeth into a variety of food that offers you the best local fare with eccentric cuisine, and enjoy live music that complements the events--upping the energy of beautiful Daytona Beach and the people filled streets.

Revving onto the beaches of sunny Daytona, October 14-17, 2010, the Biketoberfest dates, the Biketoberfest events are truly something you will have to see to believe. Browse the outdoor vendor booths for new leather, gear, or chrome, or plan your next bike purchase by talking to manufacturers such as Harley Davidson and BMW who have the latest and greatest bikes available for demonstration rides.

With Biketoberfest events planned throughout the day and into the night at local saloons, cafes, and pubs, you will have the option to relax and take it all in while watching parades of bikes go by, or jump into the excitement by participating in Biketoberfest events and contests. You can also experience serious motorcycle action on-track at the world famous Daytona International Speedway.

So if you are looking to spruce up your Florida vacation this fall and enjoy the sun and sand with something new, or have always wanted to indulge your love of bikes and get in the mix with bike enthusiasts, Biketoberfest has it all. Plan your vacation there today and remember, the Biketoberfest dates are October 14-17, 2010.