Cheap Cabin Rentals in Michigan

cheap cabin rentals in michiganMichigan has a lot to offer in the way of great vacations and you don’t have to break the bank in order to enjoy yourself. Many things you can do throughout this glorious northern state are inexpensive and still plenty of fun.

Saving Money with Vacation Rentals

Start by finding cheap cabin rentals in Michigan for your stay. While hotels are always an option, a vacation rental has many more benefits and, overall, is less expensive than a hotel. For starters, your whole family won’t be crammed like sardines into one room that is supposed to accommodate all of your travel needs. It’s nice to have quality time together, but everyone needs their own space and only a vacation rental will allow you to put your children to sleep in another room while still feeling close and secure. You’re getting much more space for your buck.

Another great reason to go with cheap cabins in Michigan is having a fully equipped kitchen that will save you tons of money on dining expenses, since you have the ability to cook in for any of your vacation meals. Grabbing a few items at a local grocery store for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your stay is much cheaper than hitting a restaurant every time.

Inexpensive Michigan Activities

There are many inexpensive activities to consider when choosing the location of cheap cabin rentals in Michigan. One option is to tour Mackinac Island. Steeped in history, when you step off the ferry and into Mackinaw City decked out in beautiful Victorian homes, you’ll think you traveled back in time. Fort Mackinac, the Mackinac State Parks, and Colonial Michilimackinac give you and your family a glimpse into life from the year 1770 to 1910, and you can explore a variety of places on the island — more than a full day's worth of exploring for sure — for less than $25 per person.

Another inexpensive activity is to find cheap cabin rentals in Michigan along the sandy shores and enjoy the beach during your stay. Building sand castle with your family, splashing in Lake Michigan, and strolling along the beautiful beaches are all great activities that won’t cost you a dime. There are also several lighthouses along the western coast of Michigan, which offers a great opportunity to drive along the coast line and spend very little money visiting these beautiful historic treasures.

Michigan has a lot to offer that won't break your vacation budget.