Cheap Vacations in Colorado

Even though you may be unable to invest a lot of money on a vacation this year, that doesn't mean you should forgo a much needed getaway. Vacations are the spice of life! A change of pace and scenery is important for maintaining peace of mind and a sense of well-being. If you are watching your finances, it only means that some creative thinking is in order - and of course research and planning!

One excellent cheap vacation destination is Colorado. Vacationing in Colorado is a wonderful experience. With so much to offer, from natural beauty to culture, Colorado is a great place to take an inexpensive vacation. Let's look at options for cheap vacations in Colorado.

colorado whitewater rafting

White Water Rafting

For your summer vacation, and especially if you like some major excitement, white water rafting is one of the things Colorado does best! Choose from locations such as Breckenridge, Glenwood Springs, Steamboat Springs, and more. Then choose your pace - rapids can range from leisurely (level 1) to a complete adrenaline rush (level 5). Take a look at all your options before booking a tour.

Scenic Drives

Even if you aren't an outdoor enthusiast, Colorado has some of the most beautiful scenic drives and breathtaking hiking opportunities in the country. And they are inexpensive or free! Topping the list of ideas for Colorado cheap vacations is a trip to the Colorado River, located between the State Bridge and Rocky Mountain National Parks. Head toward the west entrance of the Rocky Mountain National Park then southwest past Grand Lake. Along the way, enjoy the water, take a nice hike in the Middle Park area, or go fishing in the Gold Meadow Waters. This drive will take about two hours and is available all year.

Look over the clouds from the Top of the Rockies! This Scenic Byway runs through the center of the Rocky Mountains and crosses the Continental Divide. With spectacular scenery, wild life, starry nights, a well-maintained road that is open all year (other than US 34), and altitudes of up to 14 thousand feet, this is a must see.

For a historic drive, go west of Pueblo along the Wet Mountains and San Isabel National Forest, tracing the history of southern Colorado through historic mining towns, stage stops, trading posts, and more. Check out a hiking guide to explore options and plan your route in advance.

colorado museums


Another way to enjoy cheap vacations in Colorado, while combining education and entertainment, is to check out the many museums in the Denver/Boulder area. Some of them include the Boulder History Museum, the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, the Byers-Evans Denver History Museum, the Forney Transportation Museum, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Look at each museum's website to target the most interesting museums for your family. Both Denver and Boulder have plenty in the way of cuisine, entertainment, and night life as well.

Vacation Rentals

The most important part of making your vacation inexpensive is to find a vacation rental, because lodging makes up a large part of vacation expenses. Vacation rentals come in all shapes, sizes, locations, and prices, plus they often have added benefits to pare down on costs. For instance, a fully equipped kitchen allows you to cook dinner in rather than eating out every night. You'll also enjoy having much more space than a hotel room could possibly provide. Look at all your options to find one that works for you.

As you can see, cheap vacations in Colorado are entirely possible! In fact, you'll have plenty to keep you occupied in Colorado.

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