Cheap Vacations in South Carolina

Don’t cancel your vacation just yet; there are many places where you can travel and also stick to a budget. One of these destinations is South Carolina. From the shores of Myrtle Beach to charming Charleston to Hilton Head, there are deals to be had if you know when and where to look. Even if you think you might not be able to afford a trip this year, look into cheap vacations in South Carolina before making any decisions. Affordable vacation rentals, great scenery, and local entertainment all add up to one budget-friendly trip.

south carolina cheap vacations

Myrtle Beach

Some travelers might think that the 60-mile stretch of Myrtle Beach might not be the place to look for South Carolina cheap vacations, but that isn’t true. This long stretch of coastline is home to a variety of vacation rental options from cozy one bedrooms to extravagant villas with many bedrooms. Stick to the more basic variety and you can secure yourself affordable accommodation.

If you could use a trip of sunbathing and swimming, there are a few strategies to abide by to travel on the cheap. Avoiding the peak season is ideal. Instead of heading to the beach in August, why not go the first week in September and save big money? Other ways to secure deals are to go for longer stays and to avoid holidays. Prices also spike during times that kids are off school, so avoid these weeks as well for the best deals.


Sometimes the best way to stick to a budget is to be aware of the general costs of things in a destination. When you choose a vacation rental in Charleston, you can rest assured that this charming southern city won’t have the same prices as a place like Manhattan. This will help your budget to stretch even further.

When planning cheap vacations in South Carolina, you will want to keep the costs of entertainment down to a minimum. Charleston is a great place to do this, where just walking around in the historic streets provides entertainment. This city is also home to a variety of free festivals and cultural events that will provide lots of fun without a big price tag. If you're into history, a road trip to nearby Savannah, Georgia is another way to soak up the southern atmosphere.

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Hilton Head

There are always strategies to turn even expensive destinations into budget-friendly ones. While Hilton Head may be known as a golf capital and shopping spot, you can enjoy all the atmosphere of Hilton Head without any of the glitz. Choose a vacation rental with a spacious kitchen, and stock it with your favorite foods.

The beach is ideal for cheap vacations in South Carolina. The sunshine doesn’t have a price tag, so pull up a chair and bring along a novel, pile of magazines, or your iPod for entertainment. Throwing around a football, playing beach volleyball, or snorkeling are all free activities as well.

More to Explore in South Carolina

The coast isn’t the only place where you can plan vacations to South Carolina on a budget. The inland sections of the state are also home to affordable vacation rentals where you can enjoy the great outdoors. There’s no fee to go hiking or mountain biking, so head into the Upcountry to enjoy the best of Mother Nature. The central area of the state is also home to a variety of lakes, where for a small fee, you can rent a kayak or boat for afternoons of fun. From the long coastline and its many attractive destinations to the lesser-known spots of the interior, South Carolina provides many opportunities to unwind without breaking the bank.