Cudjoe Key Fishing

The Florida Keys have long been considered a Mecca for scuba diving, boating, beach bums and of course, fishing. Given the popularity of the Florida Keys, it’s no wonder you’ll find the majority of them to be crowded vacation destinations. If you’re looking for a fishing retreat away from the hustle and bustle, consider a Cudjoe Key fishing trip.

Cudjoe Key is among the islands of Florida's lower Keys, located between Sugarloaf Key and Big Pine Key. Conveniently positioned one-hundred and eleven miles southwest of Miami and just nineteen miles north of Key West, Cudjoe Key offers the proximity to other cities with the attraction of being a great escape from the crowds. This quiet tropical vacation spot has all the earmarks of a perfect, relaxing fishing trip.

The Keys marine environment offers the ultimate in all types of fishing. When it comes to the best Cudjoe Key fishing, there is an abundance of species of game fish waiting to be caught. With many local charters available, catch everything from tuna and snapper, to shark and even barracuda.  Popular Cudjoe Key fishing spots include Venture Out, the Gardens and Cutthroat Harbor, just to name a few.

When planning a Cudjoe Key fishing trip, vacation rental properties are the perfect accommodations. Unlike hotels, vacation rentals are affordable, offering space and convenience so you can store your fishing equipment, clean and even cook your catch of the day in the privacy of your vacation rental. Some properties even come with dock posts and are in proximity to local marina’s making it easy to store your boat. Vacation offers listings of oceanfront properties available with the amenities you need for your ideal accommodations.

No matter what your preference, Cudjoe Key is perfect for fishing enthusiasts. With its fully-stalked waters and prime marine environment, Cudjoe Key is the ultimate ocean retreat. 

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