Discount Hawaii Vacations

Vacations to Hawaii can seem out of reach to many families because they are associated with a high price tag. The reality is that you can explore the tropical green jungles on a budget. You can have discount Hawaii vacations that are just as much fun as expensive ones. The best place to start your planning is because they can help you find a great place to stay that does not have the added costs of room service and a staff. There are also a lot of fun things you and your family can do that do not cost any money.

Planning a lot of outdoor activities in Hawaii is a perfect way to save money. Your family will have so much fun exploring outdoors, that they won’t even realize it is free. You could hike the forty-foot waterfalls in the enchanting rainforest of Maui and then leap into the clear swimming pools under the falls. If your family has a difficult time completing a long hike, you could go to the Short Waterfalls Walk where you will be able to see the waterfalls without using as much energy. Many hikes do have a tour guide and are priced $70 to $150, but there is a lot of exploring you can do on your own.

No discount Hawaii vacation would be complete without a trip to the beach. There are many different beaches to choose from, and many are isolated and do not form big crowds. The three mile beach is a gorgeous beach you might want to explore. You can lie in the sun, feel the cool breeze, and listen to the crashing waves. Then clean up at the bathhouse with showers and faucets to rinse off your feet. There are areas for grilling and picnics, so use the kitchen in your rental property to pack a fabulous dinner or lunch. Catch a sunset and don't miss the magic on your Hawaiian vacation.

But what if your crew is not the exploratory type? Spend a day traveling into history. Travel to O'ahu and walk where the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. The USS Arizona Memorial stands as an important part of US national heritage. The USS Bowfin submarine and museums stand nearby with informative materials. Use the audio guide, included with Bowfin admission, and have fun learning. The USS Missouri and Aviation Museum are also great places to visit. Look to see if you can find a discount Hawaii vacation package so you can do an see more things at a lower price.