Disney World Off Season Times

disney world off season timesDo you want to bring the kids to Disney World but can’t bear the idea of long lines and crowds? Don’t worry; your kids can still get the Disney experience and you can keep your sanity. By choosing Disney World off season times, you can pack even more magic and fun into your trip. Without the crazy lines, you'd be surprised by what you can pack into one day at Disney. Some families think that planning a trip with kids is impossible, but with a few more details on off season times, you might be able to make a Disney trip a reality.

The Smallest Crowds

There are a few times of year when the lines in Disney are blissfully nonexistent. If you’re willing to take the kids out of school for a day or two (making a long weekend) you could maximize your time in Disney World. Some of the best Disney World off season times include most of January before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (the third Monday of January), the time after Labor Day but prior to Thanksgiving, and the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What all of these weeks have in common is that they are before and after major school breaks.

Budget Disney

Besides the lack of crowds, another reason people choose these times is to get Disney World off season rates. Prices can be better during these times to try and entice people to make the sacrifice of taking time off from school or work. That means that package deals might be available for multiple theme park tickets that you won’t find at other times of the year. If you’re worried that Disney might be stretching your budget, don’t dismiss the idea until you fully investigate Disney World off season rates.

disney world off season times

The Shoulder Season

If you can’t plan a trip during the best Disney World off season times, how about the shoulder season? There are some times of year that are moderately busy, but don’t have the huge crowds that you fear. Examples of these times of year include the week after Presidents’ Day in February through the beginning of March, late April through the beginning June (excluding Memorial Day of course), and part of Thanksgiving week. During these times, travelers shouldn’t expect the parks to be empty, but they also won’t be so crowded that you have to wait hours upon hours to get onto Splash Mountain.

Vacation Rentals

Another reason travelers are drawn to the off season is the value in Disney area vacation rentals. Owners of vacation rentals also offer Disney World off season rates. This means that not only will you save money on tickets for the theme parks, but you can save money on accommodations too. For this reason, booking a last minute trip to Disney might be a good idea. If you find an enticing package for the theme parks and a great deal on a vacation rental, it would be silly to turn down such value.

Make the most of your time in Disney World by avoiding the busiest times and visiting when lines are shorter.