Disney World Spring Break Vacation Guide

No one’s too old to wear Mickey Mouse ears, especially on Spring Break, a week devoted to being a kid again. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or your 25th wedding anniversary, Disney World is a super fun setting for a Spring Break getaway. But to take advantage of the best deals and experience the best Disney World vacation possible, plan ahead with our Disney World Spring Break vacation guide.

Why a Disney World Spring Break vacation?

Disney World Spring Break Vacation

Disney World is the most popular tourist destination in the entire world, and Spring Break (typically March 9 – 20, though dates vary wildly) is part of its peak travel season. So, the park will clearly be crowded this time of year. However, Disney World is always bustling, offering up special events and discounts during the slow seasons so that people visit year-round.

Remember, Americans, kids outside your borders come to Disney World in droves and they have different school schedules than you're used to. Picking out an “off season” week to visit Disney World is like picking a needle out of five enormous haystacks.

Because Spring Break is an extra popular time for Disney World, you’ll benefit from extra magic hours on select days and unique events like the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.

What’s another great reason to come to Disney World for Spring Break? The uncomfortable, humid weather that Florida summers are known for put a dent in any Disney World vacation quick – why visit in the heat of the summer when you can bask in Orlando’s temperate March sun? If you’re used to the cold and Orlando’s still too warm for comfort, catch a wave at Blizzard Beach.

Of all the top Spring Break vacation destinations out there, Disney World is your all-inclusive option. Preschoolers, coeds, and senior citizens alike can all find something to smile about at Disney World.

Disney World at a Glance

Cinderella's Castle Magic KingdomMagic Kingdom

No trip to Disney World is complete without visiting its four main parks. Magic Kingdom comes to the forefront as the most family-oriented. With classic rides like Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion, and kid-safe excursions like It’s a Small World, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, and Cinderella’s Golden Carousel, Magic Kingdom is an easy must-visit. Keep an eye out for the iconic Cinderella’s Castle, which is almost always in view as you stroll through Magic Kingdom.


Epcot is the mainstay of teens, their parents, and couples who don’t have the budget or time to travel the world but still want a taste of farflung cultures. Visit China, France, Italy, Germany, or Canada without ever leaving Disney World, thanks to Epcot’s charming pavilions. Take the kiddos with you on fun rides like Spaceship Earth or laugh and yelp at the 3-D experience “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” in Future Land!

Springtime, in particular, is a beautiful time to be at Epcot, which is in full bloom March 18 to May 31st for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Amidst your Disney frenzy, stop to smell the roses – literally – and other flowers on display, and talk one-on-one with expert horticulturists. Not only will you get tips on developing your green thumb, but you’ll be treated to live music with the Flower Power Concert Series every evening at the America Gardens Theater.

Hollywood Tower of Terror Hollywood StudiosHollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios (previously MGM Studios) is the highest-energy park of the lot, and it’s where the thrill seekers tend to spend the majority of their time. Test your limits on the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Or stick to the sidelines at entertaining shows like “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular,” “Star Wars Jedi Training Academy,” and the 4-D “Toy Story Mania!”

Animal Kingdom

Prepare to be enchanted and enlightened at Animal Kingdom, where you can get up close to elephants, giraffes, and tigers on a Kilimanjaro Safari, watch eagles and 29 other bird species show off their tricks and skills in “Flights of Wonder,” go back to a prehistoric time on the exciting Dinosaur ride, and let loose at Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade. 

Blizzard Beach Disney WorldBlizzard Beach

One of America’s top water parks also happens to be at Disney World (of course). And it makes for a great stop on your Disney World Spring Break vacation. Speed slides like the Slush Gusher, raft adventures like Teamboat Springs, and watery playgrounds like Tike’s Peak will keep everyone cool and happy. Typhoon Lagoon, Disney World’s second water park, will unfortunately be closed for Spring Break 2009, but it reopens March 22nd.

Downtown Disney and More

Downtown Disney is not a park, but it’s one of Disney World’s top attractions and shouldn’t be missed! Buy a special souvenir, delight in a gourmet meal, and end the night at a glitzy nightclub, without ever having to drive! The Disney Boardwalk, resembling a 1930s seaside town, is also worth a shopping trip or two.

If you’ve got someone in your group who’s not looking forward to the typical amusement park vacation, keep them distracted with Disney World’s world-class golf courses and spas, as well as marinas, hike and bike trails, tennis courts, and many other opportunities for outdoor recreation. 

Planning a Disney World Spring Break Vacation

Planning Disney World Spring Break

Now that you’re adequately in the loop about what to expect at the mother of all theme parks, how should you go about purchasing airline tickets and park passes, and booking your accommodations? There are a handful of simple, easy tips to keep in mind as you plan your Disney World Spring Break vacation.

The main takeaway is that you should buy airline tickets and book accommodations well in advance; this is the best way to benefit from special offers, coupons, and deals! For example, right now the resort boasts cheaper-than-average ticket prices for the first two weeks in March.

Secondly, stay in a Disney vacation rental, rather than an overrated hotel. After all, the chances you’ll spend a lot of time in your hotel room is pretty low, so spend more money on 5-day or 7-day passes to the park, dining, and Disney-themed goodies, than on accommodations.

With a Disney area vacation rental home, you’ll save lots of money on “room and board” yet still enjoy the luxury and amenities of a 5-star hotel. You’ll also have the option of cooking your own meals in a full-sized kitchen. The value of a Disney vacation rental just can’t be beat.

Don’t rent a car. Stay in a Disney vacation rental close to all the action and rely on speedy shuttles and buses to get you to and from the parks! Orlando’s public transportation system is top-notch, so if you plan on seeing other things besides Disney World (SeaWorld, downtown Orlando, or the Kennedy Space Center for instance), you’ll have no problem getting around.

Finally, make sure to pack a camera for photo-ops with your favorite Disney characters!

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