El Condado Community in Puerto Rico

It's hard to say if there's a better place to be than El Condado on your Puerto Rico vacation. This coastal neighborhood is near all of Puerto Rico's top shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and attractions and best of all, it's right on the Atlantic Ocean! So, you get the Caribbean beach experience and the cultural fun of San Juan all in one convenient location. Living like a local is definitely the way to go when you get away. However, you can still enjoy plenty of luxury and pampering amenities when you live like a local.

With El Condado vacation homes, you'll feel like royalty! After all, the San Juan community of El Condado is very much upper class. However, we've got plenty of affordable El Condado vacation rentals for you to pick from as well. The point is you'll have lots of choices and will end up with your dream El Condado vacation rental in no time. So, start inquiring and come to the colorful El Condado community of Puerto Rico ASAP!

El Condado
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Updated 5.13.2009