Family Friendly Vacations in Arizona

Do you want to plan a trip that your kids will run and tell their friends all about? If so, plan something different this year. Instead of the usual theme parks or beaches, why not give Arizona a try? When your kids first set eyes on the Grand Canyon, all thoughts of Mickey Mouse will be long gone. Family-friendly vacations in Arizona will be filled with the great outdoors. You can hike, bike, and even take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. There are also opportunities for some adult pleasures including golfing, spas, and shopping. Break out of your vacation routine and spice things up with a trip to the southwest!

arizona canyon

Canyon Country

Without a doubt, the most popular place for Arizona family-friendly vacations is canyon country. Here in the northern part of the state families with a love of the outdoors arrive from all over the country to see one of America’s great landmarks. The best part about the Grand Canyon is that there is no limit to the number of vantage points to experience it. Choose a horseback riding tour, a hike, or climb aboard a helicopter for a bird’s eye view.

An outdoor adventure trip needs a vacation rental. At the end of a long day, returning to the comfort of your cozy cabin will be exactly the relaxing touch you need. Vacation rentals have a wide range of amenities including chef’s kitchens, outdoor showers, soaking tubs, barbecues, and more. Keep your eye out for a rental with whatever amenities will make your family feel most at home.

Colorado River Area

Canyon country isn’t the only part of the state that is focused on outdoor adventure trips. Family-friendly vacations in Arizona are also available in the Colorado River Area, where you can spend your getaway white water rafting, kayaking, and fishing. Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-inducing thrills or a lazy rafting tour down the river, you will find it in Arizona.

This part of the state is also home to peaceful rentals. Some of these options are also pet-friendly, so why not bring along your favorite four-legged friend on your Arizona adventure? To make your rental even more kid-friendly, bring along some entertainment for the evening including board games, a deck of cards, or favorite DVDs.

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The Greater Phoenix Area

Some travelers are drawn to Arizona purely for the heat. If you’re looking for the sunshine, head to Phoenix or Scottsdale. Many rentals here will have their own private pools, allowing the kids to splash around while you relax with a good book. This area is also known for its championship golf courses, so why not sign the kids up for a lesson while you play a round of 18?

While Family-friendly vacations in Arizona are popular here, there are also many ways for adults to unwind. Take the time to spend at least one night on your own enjoying the local restaurants. Spas are a great place to kick back and relax, and the shopping here is great too.

More to Explore in Arizona

In Arizona, you will discover the flavors and culture of the Southwest. From Tucson to Sedona, you will feel as if you’ve entered a different world. One of the best ways to get around is with your own rental car. This way you can see as much or as little as you please during one trip. A scenic drive around the Grand Canyon is a great way to see the different sides of this landmark. Your kids might initially grumble at trying somewhere new, but once they hear about all the adventure of the Grand Canyon and the cactus-filled desert, they are sure to be on board!