Family Friendly Vacations in Colorado

family friendly vacations in coloradoDoes your vacation routine need a breath of fresh air? If so, one of the following family-friendly vacations in Colorado might just do the trick. This western state is known for its heavenly ski slopes, excellent summer hiking, and a whole list of other outdoor activities. While the majestic mountains are certainly romantic, Colorado is really a great place for families. Give your kids an appreciation for the great outdoors by planning a trip to Colorado where you can hike, bike, and kayak while you laugh, play, and reconnect.


The Northwestern region of Colorado is home to some of the most popular destinations in the state including Beaver Creek, Vail, Aspen, and Steamboat Springs. Just these words will arouse excitement for ski enthusiasts. With some of the best skiing in the west, these are highly sought after destinations for their winter activities. Beyond skiing, spend some time skating, building a snowman, or going out for a ride on a snowmobile. If you forgot your equipment, don't worry; there are many places for your family to rent skis.

Maybe as a result of their popularity, you can find an incredible range of vacation rentals in the area. From a basic cottage to a luxurious cabin, Colorado family-friendly vacations can take many shapes and sizes. This region is also ideal for vacations during the summer. Once the snow has melted, a spectacular landscape for hiking, mountain biking, and climbing is revealed. Local tour guides are a great way to maximize your time exploring these mountains.

colorado family vacationThe Front Range and Denver

Some families like the idea of the west, but want to be close to a city. One place for these family-friendly vacations in Colorado is Denver. The Mile High City is known for its shopping, restaurants, and entertainment as well as its beautiful views. Some parents might find it easier to keep their kids occupied in Denver where options include both outdoor activities and modern entertainment.

Because Denver is such a popular airport hub, many Colorado adventures begin here. If you want to get out of the city, head north to the Front Range. Here in Boulder and Estes Park you can enjoy the famously fresh Colorado air. Rentals here might be more reasonable than counterparts in the Northwest, and the surroundings are just as beautiful. Depending on your budget, this fact might influence where you choose a rental.


If the focus of family-friendly vacations in Colorado is skiing, you are going to have a lot of options to choose from. The southwestern section of the state is also popular for its ski hills. If you’re looking for a blend of outdoor adventure and sophistication, look into Telluride. This mountain town is known for its award-winning restaurants and festivals as well as skiing.

Vacation rentals in Colorado are the best way to enjoy the mountain scenery. On a cold night, cuddling up by a roaring fire in your spacious living room will beat having to leave a hotel room to go to a restaurant. These mountain cabins will feel like a home away from home and allow your family to spend some real quality time together. Bring along some entertainment such as board games or favorite DVDs.

More to Explore in Colorado

Other popular areas for family-friendly vacations in Colorado include Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Area. Some travelers are guided by the individual rental instead of the destination. A long list of amenities might make one place look attractive over another. These mountain cabins can include everything from soaking tubs to fireplaces to chef’s kitchens to the latest technology. Each family is different, but can find a perfect match with vacation rentals in Colorado.

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