Family Friendly Vacations in Hawaii

There are some vacations that you will remember every detail of for your whole life. Hawaii is one of these places, where each day is more memorable than the last, and you spend quality time with your family without a care in the world. Family-friendly vacations in Hawaii are available on every island, but with a little more information, you might pick the island that best suits your interests. From whale watching to surfing, deep sea fishing to snorkeling, a trip to Hawaii will be full of adventure from start to finish.

family friendly vacations in hawaii

The Big Island

If you’re looking for adventure, the Big Island has the greatest variety of thrills. Hawaii family-friendly vacations reach new heights here for many reasons. First, the sheer size and diversity of the island allows for more activities. In addition, this reputation has been established over time as families took helicopter tours over volcanoes, star gazed through powerful telescopes, and hiked the coastline.

Oceanfront rentals will provide the best of both worlds in Hawaii. You will wake up in a spacious rental overlooking the ocean, beginning your day in peace. If you’re the type of family that doesn’t like to relax all day, you will be surrounded by options for activity. Take a scuba diving lesson and earn your certification, work on your surfing skills, or rent a mountain bike and hit the trails.


The island of Maui might have a reputation for honeymooners, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of options for family-friendly vacations in Hawaii here too. Beyond all the swimming and snorkeling, Maui is also home to a fantastic scenic drive. Get in your rental car heading for Hana and you will pass waterfalls, plunging cliffs, and encounter black sand beaches. Bring your bathing suit and jump in for a swim!

If you’re looking to relax, Maui is famous for its serene beaches. Beyond the doors of your vacation rental there is bound to be a great beach, but half the fun of visiting Maui is also exploring beaches. A rental car will once again come in handy to find your favorite little deserted cove where your family can have the beach to themselves for a day. Don't forget some entertainment for the kids including a football for catch and tools for building a sand castle.

hawaii surfing vacations


Many family-friendly vacations in Hawaii take place in Oahu. Some of the best known destinations in Hawaii are located here including Honolulu, Waikiki, and North Shore. Treat the kids to a show by bringing them to see some of the famous professional surfers here who continually impress with their skills. Be prepared for your kids to ask for a surfing lesson afterwards!

Adults might want to squeeze in some shopping or time at the spa, but there are plenty more activities here to keep kids occupied. From boating to parasailing to boarding a submarine for a tour of Hawaii’s marine life, there is no shortage of entertainment on any of these islands! If you want to add some history to your trip, here you can learn about Hawaii's role in World War II.

More to Explore in Hawaii

A special family trip to Hawaii is the time for extra special experiences. Go ahead and splurge on a whale watching tour, gaze in wonder at the coral and tropical fish from the interior of a submarine, or sample the local version of fine-dining. Hawaii does have a reputation for being expensive, but choosing a vacation rental over a hotel will add value to your trip and allow you to prepare some of your own meals. These exotic islands are guaranteed to be the scenery for your best family vacation yet.