Family Friendly Vacations in Oregon

Are you looking to spice up your family’s vacation routine? If so, the variety available in Oregon might be exactly what you’re looking for. There are many types of family-friendly vacations in Oregon, from city breaks in vibrant Portland to more adventurous trips focused on the great outdoors. From kayaking in lakes to hitting the slopes for skiing and sipping on locally-made wines to shopping in Portland, you are sure to find a type of trip that will please all members of your family, no matter their age!

family friendly oregon vacation


If you have a city break in mind for Oregon family-friendly vacations, look no further than Portland. This northwestern city is known for its vibrant culture, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Compared to other American cities, it is also very affordable for families. An efficient transportation system will help you to get around the city without relying on expensive taxis.

Choosing a vacation rental will help you keep the cost down even more. By preparing some meals in your own kitchen, or at least starting the day with breakfast in your spacious rental, you can seriously reduce the daily budget of your family trip. From art galleries to museums to outdoor concerts and festivals, Portland always has something up its sleeve for families.

The Oregon Coast

While some travelers might not associate gazing out at the Pacific with Oregon, there are many possibilities to do just that along this coastline (Lincoln City, Oceanside, Seaside, and Rocakway Beach for instance). Summer is the best time to visit, when oceanfront rentals on private little coves provide a real escape from everyday stresses. Your kids will be entertained with swimming, snorkeling, building sand castles, and games of football on the beach while you can relax with a good book and a glass of local Oregon wine.

If you need a day away from the sun, one of the most popular activities is to get in the car and go for a scenic drive. There is a coastal road that stretches from the northern coast to the southern coast, so no matter where your vacation rental is located, you can get in the car and enjoy the scenery. From the ocean on the coastline to the canyons in the eastern part of the state, family-friendly vacations in Oregon can expose your kids to many different types of landscapes.

oregon horseback riding

The Wild Side of Oregon

Beyond the rocky coastline and steep cliffs on the coast of Oregon, there are many more areas for nature enthusiasts to explore. Any type of outdoor activity your kids can imagine can be found in Oregon, from hiking to biking to fishing to horseback riding. From the mountain trails in the Cascades Ranges to biking in the Willamette Valley, you will find a long list of excuses to spend your vacation outdoors.

family-friendly vacations in Oregon will have an added bonus for adults. This state is becoming increasingly known for its wines, so why not visit a couple vineyards and wineries on your trip? The kids will like seeing all the big casks and barrels and you might discover a new favorite wine. Reward the kids for their patience with a white water rafting tour or rock climbing adventure, and you’ll be even!

More to Explore in Oregon

Everyone from ski bunnies to wine lovers will find entertainment in Oregon. Whether you choose a secluded cabin in Mount Hood or rent a condo in the middle of bustling Portland, you will wonder what took you so long to explore Oregon. This state is ideal for family vacations at any time of year from ski trips over the kids’ winter school break to summer vacations spent hiking, swimming, and fishing. In Oregon, you will experience a different perspective on the Pacific Coast.