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Regal and rustic don't really seem to go together, but once you've stayed in a Gatlinburg cabin rental, you may feel differently about that. Vacation features a marvelous melange of Gatlinburg cabins, ranging from small and cute to big and luxurious. No matter who you are, what your budget's like, or how many people you're traveling with, we're sure you'll find many cabins in Gatlinburg, TN suit you. But since there are so many cabins to choose from, how can you narrow down such an intimidating list?


Nothing gets the sparks flying quite like a fireplace, literally and figuratively. Cozy up by the fire with your sweetie after a day on the slopes, or hold hands on a deck with 360-degree views of the mountains. A Tennessee lake or mountain cabin is just the things you need to rejuvinate your relationship. If you're planning a honeymoon or wedding anniversary in Gatlinburg, there's no reason to book a hotel room. Why share the views, the pool with tons of strangers? However, you can still book a stay at a hotel or resort - but direcly throught the owner or property manager, and for a lot cheaper.

Group Friendly

The best thing about vacation rentals is probalby how big they are. Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, king size beds, full kitchens, large decks, private hot tubs and pools... why book a string of hotel rooms for your family or group when you can all sprawl out in a spacious yet affordable vacation cabin?

Pet Friendly

Bringing along your dog? Then look no further than pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg, Tennessee - these accommodations not only allow pets but are often prepared for them, too. Rather than comparing hotels that really aren't that different from each other, you have all kinds of options with vacation rentals. Like bringing your pet along for the adventure! And why shouldn't you and Spot enjoy the sunset side by side or take the town by storm together?

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When you hear the word "cabin," you might think of those childhood days spent at summer camp or those outdoors vacations with the family where you were forced to rough it. But cabin rentals in Gatlinburg, TN aren't all about building character and rediscovering nature. While that can all happen in a cabin, you can also feel pampered and rejuvinated in one. In the end, it's all up to you. Go with a cabin with all the perks or something more down-to-earth. Either way, compared to hotels, you'll save lots of money with even the most upscale Gatlinburg luxury cabins. Vacation even features some great resort-style accommodations, like Hickory Mist Luxury Cabins - Gatlinburg's full of opulent communities like these.


The moral of the story is quite simple: Whether you're looking for romantic or rustic cabins, pet friendly or posh, or something in between, Vacation has it!

All you have to do to get started is casually sort through our Gatlinburg cabins. Once you find several Gatlinburg cabin rentals that interest you, simply inquire.

And if you still not convinced how beautiful, specious and comfortable your Gatlinburg vacation cabin can be, please take a short virtual tour to this particular cabin called "The Pioneer Trading Post":