Grand Haven State Park

Grand Haven State ParkGrand Haven State Park is a great recreational area. Located along the west side of Lake Michigan and the north side of the Grand River, the park is surrounded by beautiful bodies of water. People have enjoyed taking their families on a trip to see Grand Haven State Park for years because of the views and large sandy beaches. There are a lot of fun activities available in the area, and a trip to Grand Haven State Park would be a fun adventure for your family.

Go to to find a place to stay during your trip to Grand Haven State Park. You can find a variety of beach rental properties that your family will just love. Why stay in a hotel when you can have a better experience in the area living like a local? Grand Haven State Park will be much more enjoyable to you when you are staying in the right place.

Grand Haven State Park Attractions

The biggest attraction for kids at Grand Haven State Park is the beautiful sandy beach. It can provide an entire day of fun for you and your family. You can go swimming in the lake, build sand castles, or run along the beach. You can also rent a variety of equipment, like metal detectors and fishing gear, for hours of endless family fun. What could be more fun and relaxing than playing on the beach and then settling down for a nice picnic overlooking the pier?

The boardwalk, pier, and lighthouse are major attractions for older tourists. The boardwalk connects from Grand Haven into Grand Haven State Park and is a breezy walkway with wonderful views of Lake Michigan. There is a historic lighthouse that is open for the public near the boardwalk that you can tour. Spending some time on the pier and walking the boardwalk are a must for your Grand Haven State Park family vacation.

The historic town of Grand Haven provides a lot of entertainment and dining options for your trip. The shopping district features historic shops and can provide countless hours of fun because of the unique items you can find in the shops. There is also a large variety of cafés and restaurants you can eat at that offer a charming experience you can only have in Grand Haven. After you have spent some time in the shops, head over to the largest musical fountain for a dazzling show. Check out their web site for a detailed schedule.

Grand Haven hosts a variety of festivals at different times of the year, but the biggest one is the Great Lakes Kite Festival. It is held to benefit the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan. They schedule a lot of events, so if you can plan to be in the area during the festival, you are sure to have a lot of fun.