Hampton Beach Summer Rentals

hampton beach summer rentalsHampton Beach, New Hampshire makes a significant amount of money from tourists every year, so the village supports a variety of events that make it easy for visitors to enjoy their Hampton Beach summer rentals. Some of the town’s highlights include a seafood festival, sand sculpture competition, and a Fourth of July celebration.

Choosing Hampton Beach Summer Rentals

Most locations in Hampton Beach will put you close to the waterfront, but it is hard to deny the beauty and convenience of summer rentals that are located right on the water. This makes it easy for you to walk to enjoy all of the shopping and dining opportunities along Ocean Boulevard. Picking Hampton Beach summer rentals right on the beach will also give you the chance to enjoy beautiful sunrises and the gentle sounds of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fourth of July in Hampton Beach

Independence Day is one of the most popular times to visit Hampton Beach, so you should reserve your summer rentals in advance. If you try to call a couple of weeks before the festival, then you probably won’t have much luck finding a place that you really like. When you book your Hampton Beach summer rentals in advance, though, you get to enjoy the village’s large fireworks display and other events that are scattered throughout the area.

The Hampton Beach Seafood Festival

The Hampton Beach Seafood Festival attracts nearly as many visitors as the Fourth of July celebration, so you will want to book your summer rentals early for this event as well. During the weekend after Labor Day, approximately 150,000 people descend upon the small village to enjoy crab, lobster, and other types of fresh seafood. If you are a seafood lover, then you will certainly want to book a Hampton Beach summer rental during this weekend.

The Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture Competition

The sand sculpture competition isn’t nearly as large as the Fourth of July and seafood festivities, but it still attracts a large number of artists and admirers from around the country. The grand prize is $50,000, so you can bet that just about every sand sculptor in the country tries to attend. Hampton Beach summer rentals aren’t as hard to find during this event, but the best spots tend to fill up fast. Booking early will help you secure a spot right on the water, where you can enjoy all of the activities leading up to the competition.