Honeymoon Vacations in New York

Are you the type of couple that wants to celebrate your wedding in style? If so, there’s no place quite like Manhattan for honeymoon vacations in New York. The Big Apple is full of award-winning restaurants, luxurious vacation rentals, theater, shopping, and spas. Whether you want to celebrate your wedding by taking a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park or dining at the hottest new restaurant, New York City will have you covered. And don’t forget about the rest of New York as well: this state is full of options from beachfront villas to mountain getaways.

new york city honeymoon vacation

New York City

If your idea of New York honeymoon vacations is a trip filled with glamour, look no further than New York City. A honeymoon should be all about splurging from restaurants to shopping to entertainment. In the city that never sleeps you can get dressed up for an elegant night at the opera, dance the night away, or rub elbows with celebrities at new restaurants — the choice is up to you.

Luxurious vacation rentals are ideal for honeymoons. Whatever amenity you desire, from a large bathtub for two to a condo with sweeping views of the NYC skyline, you are sure to find a match. New York City also offers the opportunity to travel within a city — venture to Paris with a traditional French bistro, jet set to Italy by sitting down at a trattoria, or find yourself surrounded by exotic tastes and smells in Little Korea.

Long Island

Not all honeymoon vacations in New York have to take place in the city. If you’re planning a wedding during the warm season, one destination that also delivers a dose of glamour is Long Island. Choose an extravagant rental in the Hamptons as the location to spend your first week as newlyweds. Rentals will have a long list of amenities including everything from private pools to outdoor showers and Jacuzzis.

Another benefit of choosing the Hamptons is the sophisticated environment. Beyond beautiful beaches and sunsets, here you will find award-winning restaurants, one of a kind shopping, and spas for some post-wedding relaxation. This area is used to catering to affluent residents, so visitors can expect the local services to be at a high standard.

honeymoon vacations in new york

Hudson Valley and the Catskills

Some newlyweds prefer getting away from it all for their honeymoon. New York can offer this type of experience as well, especially in the Hudson Valley and the Catskills. This area of the state is known for its spectacular fall foliage, fresh farmers markets, and outdoor activities. If you’re an adventurous couple, hiking, biking, and gourmet picnics might make the perfect honeymoon.

There are vacation rentals in this part of the state to suit all budgets. Whether you’re looking for cabins with a fireplace, Jacuzzi, and chef’s kitchen, or something a little more traditional and cozy, the natural beauty of the surroundings will blow you away. Honeymoon vacations in New York can be as serene or as active as you choose.

More to Explore in New York

New York is a much bigger state than many people realize. New York City is only one tip of the great state that extends all the way to Niagara Falls and the Adirondack Mountains in the north on the Canadian border. Whether you want to rent a cabin on the Great Lakes or go skiing for your honeymoon, New York State can satisfy your desire. Many couples choose a destination that is closer to home to avoid extensive travel after what can often be a tiring wedding day. There are many pleasures in New York that will tempt you away from traveling somewhere far.