Kid Friendly Vacations in Arizona

Are your kids getting pickier about family trips? When they were small, keeping them entertained was easy. Once they’re a little older, you might need something bigger. Maybe even something as big as the Grand Canyon. This option is just one on a long list of kid friendly vacations in Arizona. Spice up your vacation routine and head out to the southwest for a new kind of family getaway. Whether you spend your trip hiking around the Grand Canyon or white water rafting in the Colorado River, your mission for planning quality family time will be a success.

kid friendly vacations in arizona

Canyon Country and the Northeast

The most popular of all Arizona kid friendly vacations is a trip to the Grand Canyon — and for good reason. This natural phenomenon will make your jaw drop — the first time you see it and every time afterwards. Surprise your kids with a real treat and climb aboard a helicopter to gain a bird’s eye view of the Canyon. Other options for outdoor adventure include hiking and even a mule ride around the canyon.

After an adventurous day, returning to your cozy vacation rental will be the perfect end to a perfect day. Don’t forget to step outside and watch the stars come out; from this position in Arizona they are spectacular. Other destinations in this region of Arizona include Sedona. Gain a full perspective of Arizona by including other destinations beyond the Grand Canyon in your itinerary.

The Colorado River Area

Adventurous travelers won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get out on the Colorado River. One of the best kid friendly vacations in Arizona is a trip to this region, where you can spend days white water rafting, kayaking, or fishing. This is also guaranteed to be a relaxing trip. Choose a rental right on the river to hear the rushing water from your spacious living room. Quality family time could mean cooking a meal together, playing a game of charades, or even sitting down to watch a southwestern-themed movie.

Greater Phoenix Area

Do you love to play golf? If so, the courses of Phoenix and Scottsdale will leave you longing to move out west. Get your kids started early on the game with a few lessons or play a round of 18 at dawn while they’re still sleeping. From Mesa to Surprise, the Greater Phoenix Area is full of destinations worth a visit. If you love to shop, you might even squeeze in a little shopping time during your trip to this area. Boutiques here are known for their unique gifts and jewelry.

Tucson and Southern Arizona

If from the moment you mentioned Arizona, your kids have talked about seeing a cactus and the desert, southern Arizona is where you want to go. Kid friendly vacations in Arizona have a distinct southwestern feel in this part of the state, where cuisine has a Mexican influence and desert tours will get your kids' archeological interests pumping. From rock formations to galleries with local art, this part of the state has its own character.

More to Explore in Arizona

Some parents tend to underestimate their kids. Of course kids will enjoy a trip to Disney World or the beach, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan other kinds of vacations too. The opportunity to see the Grand Canyon or go white water rafting is something cool and different — and kids will recognize this too. Throw in a few special events like a hot air balloon ride and horseback riding tour, and they will never object to a vacation that you plan again!