Kid Friendly Vacations in California

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California does a lot of things right. It has great options for luxury vacations, romantic vacations, and even family trips. If you know where to look, there are many options for kid friendly vacations in California. In Los Angeles they will love spending a day or two in Disneyland. If your family is more the outdoors type, head to Lake Tahoe where you can spend days skiing, boating or hiking. From watching dolphins off the coast of Malibu to exploring San Francisco, there are endless options for California kid friendly vacations.

kid friendly vacations in california

LA County

Of course Disneyland is ideal for kid friendly vacations in California, but Los Angeles County also has great options. After your kids have had their picture taken with Donald Duck, leave the theme park behind for other adventures. Take a drive in the Hollywood Hills, go for a stroll on the Santa Monica Pier, or soak up some sun on Venice Beach. Vacation rentals can help you keep the cost down while visiting LA; you can take advantage of having your own kitchen to prepare some family meals.

The Central Coast

If a beach vacation is what you’re after, there are many options along the Central Coast. From the balcony of your oceanfront rental, it is possible to watch dolphins swim by while you sip your morning coffee. Options from Carmel to Santa Barbara to Ventura all offer beaches where the kids can build sand castles and splash around in the waves while you work on your tan and read a juicy novel.

San Francisco

Is your idea of kid friendly vacations in California include an educational touch? If so, San Francisco is the place to go. This city is full of attractions that will make learning cool to your kids. History comes to life on the island of Alcatraz or by climbing aboard a trolley. More family activities could include going to museums and galleries or sampling local cuisine. Involve your kids in the planning process by allowing them to pick out a San Francisco attraction they're interested in such as walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Lake Tahoe

If you’re tired of city breaks, it might be time to plan an outdoor adventure. Lake Tahoe is the ideal place to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you plan a trip during the winter season to hit the slopes, or you’d rather sunbathe on the beach during the summer, Lake Tahoe will offer a breathtaking backdrop to your trip. From hiking to sunset boat tours, Lake Tahoe has a wide range of entertainment for families.

san diego zoo

San Diego

Another popular place for kid friendly vacations in California is San Diego. This city is home to a zoo that will make kids big and small light up with excitement. The San Diego Zoo has a reputation for being one of the best in the country, and your kids might just agree. This coastal city also offers opportunities to spend a day or two on the beach.

More to Explore in California

There is so much variety in California that many families are torn between multiple options. Renting a beach house in Orange County can be just as attractive as exploring Yosemite, so how do you decide? Tempting vacation rentals might pull you in one direction or another depending on the type of amenities you desire. Also keep in mind some destinations in California are better off explored by adults. California wine country, for example, is a wonderful spot for a romantic getaway, but kids might be bored with touring wineries and vineyards. Save that option for a special occasion and choose from the rest of the great family options in California.