Kid Friendly Vacations in Florida

One destination for kid friendly vacations will never go out of style: Florida. The Sunshine State has a variety of vacation options that will satisfy any craving you have to travel from amusement parks to beaches to adventures through the Everglades. Consistent warm weather means that packing will be a cinch. If you’re tired of your kids objecting to taking family trips, planning a vacation to Florida is the perfect solution. All kids big and small will love a getaway to sunny Florida. With so many tempting destinations, it will be hard to know where to begin your search!

kid friendly vacations in florida

Orlando and Disney World

Central Florida has claimed the crown for being the most popular place for kid friendly vacations in Florida. From the classic theme park of Magic Kingdom to water parks with thrilling slides, there is no end to the amount of laughs and shrieks that are waiting in Orlando. Your kids will love stepping into their favorite movies at Universal Studios and getting their photo taken with Mickey Mouse.

Beyond all of the traditional family pleasures that Orlando offers, this town is also a great place to soak up some Florida sunshine. Many Orlando condos come with an outdoor pool where you can sunbathe, splash around, and spend a relaxing afternoon. Not every minute needs to be packed with activities to enjoy a trip to Orlando.

The Gulf Coast

If beaches are more what you have in mind for Florida kid friendly vacations, check out vacation rentals along the Gulf Coast. This side of Florida is known for being more family friendly than the Atlantic Coast of south Florida. If you’re planning a trip for adults that is focused on shopping, nightlife, and restaurants, choose Miami. On the other hand, if you want a relaxed environment for the family, Naples, Marco Island, or Sanibel Island will be a much better fit.

kid friendly florida vacationsKid friendly vacations in Florida can also include more than the beach. Spend a day away from the Gulf Coast to explore the Everglades. During this daytrip you can take a ride on an airboat that will expose you to local wildlife, including alligators. Don’t be scared — tour operators are trained in safety procedures — and seeing these creatures up close and personal is something your kids won’t soon forget.

The Florida Keys

Another sunny spot for a beach trip is the Florida Keys. Here your kids can indulge in activities such as fishing, tubing, boating, snorkeling, and more. Many visitors are surprised by the tropical feel of the keys. While this area of Florida lacks wide, sandy beaches, it does offer incredible turquoise waters and an environment to really unwind. Margarita, anyone?

A boat is an essential part of kid friendly vacations in Florida. Whether you hire a fishing charter for an afternoon or plan a snorkeling excursion, you’ll be glad to get out on the water. From Key Largo all the way down to Key West, there are oceanfront properties that will make you never want to go home. And while you're in town, don't forget to try a slice of local key lime pie.

More to Explore in Florida

The long stretch of Florida is full of fun for families. Some travelers love the beaches of the panhandle including Panama City Beach and Cape San Blas. If your kids are a little older, they might like to join you on a trip to historical St Augustine. For a beach with a little action, choose Daytona. No matter where you set up your beach chair along Florida’s extensive coastline, your trip is sure to be accompanied by that strong, Florida sun. Just make sure the kids lather up with sunscreen before heading outdoors!