Kid Friendly Vacations in New York

Some people might not think that the Big Apple is a great place for kids, but this is a common misconception. From the theaters of Broadway to fascinating museums, New York City is full of opportunities for kids to have fun (and maybe learn a little too) while on vacation. Manhattan is just the tip of the iceberg for kid friendly vacations in New York. Beyond the city there are the beaches of Long Island, the trails of the Hudson Valley, and the Adirondack Mountains. No matter what type of trip your kids are craving, you’ll find a tempting option within New York State.

kid friendly vacations in new york

New York City

Adventurous families can see the potential of planning a trip to New York City. While some things can be expensive and the bustling pace of the city isn’t exactly relaxing, there are also many enriching experiences for kids. New York kid friendly vacations can start in the Natural History Museum, where the skeleton of a T-Rex is sure to impress. From the musicals on Broadway to skating in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree, New York is full of magical experiences for kids.

Choosing vacation rentals in New York is one way to make exploring the big city a touch easier. For starters, your rental will most likely be located in a neighborhood, where you will get an idea on how locals live. The convenience of a kitchen can help you to keep the cost of food down by preparing breakfast, or even lunches and dinners, in the apartment. Don’t miss out on the chance to dine out once in a while — New York is known for stellar restaurants!

Long Island

One of the best options for kid friendly vacations in New York is the beaches on Long Island. Kids just can’t argue with an oceanfront rental where they can spend their days splashing around in the ocean or building sand castles. When you choose Long Island, you will also get to indulge in fresh seafood and maybe some shopping too. While the beach isn’t the first vacation that comes to mind when thinking about New York, it is a great option for kids.

ski vacations in new york

The Catskills and Hudson Valley

You don’t have to go far outside New York City to find the pleasures of Mother Nature. Both the Catskills and the Hudson Valley both offer country cabins where you can relax and spend some quality family time. Bring along some board games for a night in by the fireplace or stop at the farmers market during the day for ingredients to prepare a yummy family meal.

If you like to ski, the Catskills is also home to some fun ski runs. A rental near Hunter Mountain will deliver a winter wonderland atmosphere along with close proximity to the action. This area of New York is spectacular in all four seasons. Before the skiing, be sure to visit during the fall when autumnal colors bring the Hudson Valley to life. This season offers one of the best kid friendly vacations in New York; you can spend your days apple picking or visiting a pumpkin patch.

More to Explore in New York

Beyond all of these ideas, there are many more ways for kids to enjoy a trip to New York. One of the most memorable would be a trip to see Niagara Falls. This incredible natural wonder is definitely worth its own trip. Other kid friendly vacation ideas include visiting Lake Erie or Lake Ontario, or hitting the hiking trails in the Berkshires. Don't forget about the Adirondack Mountains as well. From the big city to the secluded cabin, New York offers a whole spectrum of vacation options to put a smile on your kids’ faces.