Lake Tahoe Honeymoon

Lake Tahoe HoneymoonImagine that you’ve just had the most romantic moment of your life: you looked into your sweetheart’s eyes and whispered, “I do.” Now that you are newlyweds, your first vacation together should be filled with all the romantic luxuries you desire in order to truly celebrate your love. Consider a Lake Tahoe honeymoon as the answer to where to go to find that perfect trip to strengthen your new marriage. From water-filled fun in the sun during summer to romantic snowy afternoons during winter, whenever you and your love get married, your Lake Tahoe honeymoon adventure will be one to remember for the rest of your lives.

A Lake Tahoe honeymoon is just perfect for whatever you and your sweetheart want to do together. Check out the local Lake Tahoe dining scene, with its abundance of five-star restaurants including Asia-California fusion style Dragonfly or the European influenced cuisine at La Fondue. Don’t forget some of the best Lake Tahoe restaurants are in the casinos, which are easy to visit after you’ve gambled a little bit with your new spouse. Take a few risks—why not? The house can’t always win, and wouldn’t a jackpot cash bonus be a nice start to your new life together? If you’re so inclined, you can catch a show at one of the hotels after your gambling, or return home to your vacation rental and relax in your custom chosen property.

Romance Meets Affordability

Hotel rooms aren’t as romantic as personally selected amenities designed with you and your loved one in mind. Check out the selection of rental homes, condos, cottages, or apartments in Lake Tahoe at With, you can decide on a forest floor cottage, or a house on the lake with its own pier, or even a condo among the casinos. Choose the colors and decorations you like, the layout the fits you, the amenities you want, such as private pools or hot tubs, large bathtubs, or patios with lake views. You can even choose the technology you need while honeymooning, whether that is a surround sound entertainment system and WiFi capabilities, or the absence of even a TV—whatever you and your sweetheart agree on.

Whether you decide to be inside or outside, active or relaxed, rest assured that with your Lake Tahoe honeymoon vacation rental, you’ll have a space where you can feel comfortable and at home so that you can focus on each other.

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