Lake Tahoe Summer Rentals

With more than 300 days of warm sunshine every year, a Lake Tahoe summer rental is the place to spend your vacation. Summer activities you can enjoy a Lake Tahoe include boating, fishing, hiking, golfing, biking, and many more. Whether you want to try something new and go for a ride in a hot air balloon or pump yourself full of adrenaline with a river rafting trip, Lake Tahoe is the location for a summer vacation.

Lake Tahoe summer rentals can help you save money so you can afford more of the summer activities you want to do. If you travel with a group, consider a vacation rental like a house. Several people can stay in each bedroom, and then you can all share the common living room and kitchen areas. When you split the cost of a Lake Tahoe vacation rental home between everyone in your group, you might find it’s significantly cheaper than staying in a hotel.

Lake Tahoe summer rentals offer more amenities than you’ll find in a standard hotel, as well. Check to see if you can find a Lake Tahoe summer rental that offers a private swimming pool and hot tub, a private deck or patio, Jacuzzi tubs or a view of the water. You’ll pay a premium price for a hotel room with these features, but they’re included in the cost of your vacation home when you choose Lake Tahoe summer rentals.

Take control of your vacation and get out of your hotel rut. The only place a hotel offers you is a place to sleep, but a Lake Tahoe summer rental offers you so much more. Browse to find the best vacation rental location and to see the amenities it offers. Get the most bang for your buck and stay in style during your next Lake Tahoe summer getaway with a Lake Tahoe summer rental found at

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