Lake Tahoe Travel Guide

If you want to have a family vacation that will be as memorable as your wedding day, then consider a trip to Lake Tahoe! This Lake Tahoe travel guide will help you find great Lake Tahoe dining, and where you should golf Lake Tahoe, as well as highlighting fun Lake Tahoe honeymoon ideas! This region of Nevada is so welcoming and warm to tourists, that many families find themselves returning to the same vacation rental year after year. So if you want to start a new family tradition, consider Lake Tahoe vacation rentals!

What to Do in Lake Tahoe

For starters, Lake Tahoe is an outoorsmen's dream vacation spot. The Heavenly Ski Resort keeps visitors active during the winter (we can help you plan your Lake Tahoe ski vacation), and Lake Tahoe itself - as well as recreational areas like Emerald Bay State Park - provide loads of opprotunities for water sports in the summer. 

Fun Off the Water, Too

The natural wonders of Lake Tahoe are entertainment enough for any family or couple, kids or adults, but there are also a lot of other things you can do in the Lake Tahoe area! After all, it's well-known for its love and support of the arts, including music, theater, and paint-and-canvas art, too.

In the fall, there is an Autumn Food and Wine Festival, where you can visit the private studios of locally famous artists, or visit Crystal Bay Club to see a world-renowned artist creating art in front of your own eyes! Enjoy the local boutique wines, as well as great California vintages, and sample foods from nearby restaurants and private chefs. This festival is fun for the whole family, or for an individual!

There are many outdoor concerts on and about the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, so you could take your family to see an outdoor performance of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, or Annie! Or, you could go to a movie in a local amphitheater, and relax in the cozy bucket seats.

On Sunday evenings there are ballroom dancing lessons that are open to tourists and locals, for any level of experience, at the Sawtooth Ridge Café. You and your beloved could learn how to swing like real Zoot Suit dancers on your Lake Tahoe honeymoon!

You could enjoy private water skiing lessons, or rent a boat and go knee boarding with your family without reservations, or hike the lovely hills and get an even better view of Lake Tahoe! For history buffs, discover the old roads to California that people took during the Depression rush that was written about in The Grapes of Wrath. Or, follow the path of the Pony Express through this region from atop a horse that you can rent, with a guided tour! There are so many things to do in Lake Tahoe, that you will be entertained into exhaustion, and you will find yourself retreating to your luxurious vacation rental for a long nap!

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Where to Shop and Eat in Lake Tahoe

For signature High Sierra dishes in a sleepy town like Incline Village, go to the Lone Eagle Grille and try what has evolved in local kitchens. This is a fusion of the Nevada and California border, itself, that you have to taste to believe! Enjoy the amazing panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and the region from the Lone Eagle Grille, and taste the wines and foods that locals have saved for themselves.

If you want a breakfast to remember in a café long-favored by the locals, try the Fire Sign Café on the west shore for pancakes that are more delicious than your 800 thread count sheets, and homemade syrup that you will fight TSA to carry home! You will want to visit the Fire Sign Café every morning, so you might want to book your vacation rental in the western region of north shore, Lake Tahoe!

If you want to dine on a deck over the lake, with the cool breeze and gorgeous sunset in view, head to Jake’s on the Lake for award-winning dishes, especially his seafood! You will want to rent a boat and drive right into the restaurant again and again! With meals like they offer at Plump Jack Café in Squaw Valley, it’s no wonder that families come to Lake Tahoe year after year! Enjoy the natural, earthy taste of food that’s prepared especially for you! Moody’s is a dining establishment you shouldn’t miss either, with its charming Nevada décor and quick service. This is a the restaurant that will take you to Truckee, whether you wanted to go there or not!

Shopping Layout in Lake Tahoe

If you find yourself hungry mid-afternoon from long hours of fishing, drive your boat up to the lakeside fish taco stand, Sunnyside! These quickly-served tacos are so scrumptious that you might have to pull in your anchor several times a day for seconds, and thirds, and more! There are many options for lakeside food, so you could stay in your boat all day and late into the evening. Lake Tahoe dining offers so many different kinds of cuisines and different prices ranges, that you will find what you want at a reasonable price every night that you stay in your vacation rental!

North Lake Tahoe
has so many tiny resort towns and adorable boutiques that you will never run out of options for shopping trips! Whether you prefer bigger, department store shopping, or cozy boutiques with handcrafted goods, you will find what you’re looking for in Lake Tahoe. In the Lake Tahoe area, you can even find lakeside stalls with goods crafted by Native Americans for reasonable prices. Buying something special and unique will make your time in Lake Tahoe truly memorable, so go ahead and find what you’re looking for in one of the sleepy Lake Tahoe towns!

At the Cobblestone Center, you will find Bavarian-style shopping in a lot of small shops, and with services for visitors offered on-site! There’s a lovely clock tower that is a Lake Tahoe landmark, so you can get a great photograph when you’re done perusing the shops. The Boatworks Mall is an enclosed, large mall that has unique souvenir shops and gorgeous waterfront restaurants. Spend the day strolling through the 2-story mall, and take a break to enjoy the view as you dine on a delicious entrée in the mall!

For something quirky to do, and gifts that will amuse people months in advance of their useful-ness, visit the Christmas Tree Village for unique shopping opportunities and art galleries that everyone will love to see. The restaurants in this village are a fun place to kick-back and relax. This shopping center offers other novelty shops, too, so if you are looking for something to amuse your loved on your Lake Tahoe honeymoon, stop at the Christmas Tree Village!

The Village at Squaw Valley, and the Blue Sky shop, are fun shopping centers to visit, too!

Shopping and eating in Lake Tahoe restaurants and shopping centers is a major activity in this region. The quality of the shops and eateries is top-notch and low-priced. Indulge yourself by taking your Lake Tahoe honeymoon to the next level by dining in a 5 star restaurant!

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When to Visit Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe vacations are great for any time of the year; it really just depends what kind of weather you like! If you want to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Lake Tahoe in the winter, you will come to understand why the Olympics were hosted in Lake Tahoe! Ski, sled, build snowmen, and relax indoors by a warm fire, or, enjoy the sparkling stars from your vacation rental’s balcony Jacuzzi. Winter is a magical time to visit Lake Tahoe, because the pristine beauty of the area becomes even more apparent when it’s coated in soft, white powdery snow. The great thing about a Lake Tahoe honeymoon in the winter is that you will have an excuse to stay inside and get cozy by your huge fireplace, order in food, and just enjoy the glittering hill and ice-topped lake.

If you prefer mild weather and the beauty of blooming or changing leaves, then either spring or fall are great choices for Lake Tahoe. The great part of choosing to visit in the fall is that your vacation rental may be featured at for a reduced bargain price, because tourists typically crowd the city in the winter and summer. So, you could save more money and get all of the same perks!

Summer trips to Lake Tahoe are perfect for your family golfer. Golf Lake Tahoe, and enjoy the warm, perfectly humid air. It’s neither too wet nor too dry in the desert that has the advantage of Lake Tahoe’s lake effect. If you go in the summer, you can also enjoy Lake Tahoe dining al fresco, as many of the restaurants has outdoor patios and balcony service! Swimming is the best in the summer, too, and the lake is loveliest when it’s speckled with boats and water skiers.

So, no matter when you go to Lake Tahoe, you can have a great, affordable vacation! Nevada and California have a lot of attractions aside from Lake Tahoe, but you will be so glad that you have chosen to enjoy the natural beauty of this dusty state, rather than just the nearby pomp of casinos and nightclubs.

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What to Bring to Lake Tahoe

When you go to Lake Tahoe, make sure you bring your swimwear, whether it’s summer or winter, because your vacation rental probably has a hot tub or heated pool! You may also want to bring an extra bag for souvenirs.

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Local Services in Lake Tahoe

Tours, boat rentals, ski rentals, and of course water ski rentals, are all available around Lake Tahoe. In north Lake Tahoe you will also find grocery delivery services and door-to-door shuttle services for your trips to and from the airport.

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What to Know About Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a dream vacation for families, and for romantic retreats, because of its natural beauty and expansive views. The golf in Lake Tahoe is superb, as is Lake Tahoe dining! You can spend as little as a weekend here, or a full month, and when you leave you will wish you were staying longer. The south shore of Lake Tahoe is in California, whereas the north shore is in Nevada. Most people prefer the northern shore for Lake Tahoe honeymoons, because the views are more romantic and the locals are more apt to give a couple privacy.

From the first settlers near the north shore of Lake Tahoe, the pioneers, up to today’s modern locals, this area has transformed itself again, and again. The 1960 Winter Olympics took place in Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side, and many historic events have taken place in this seemingly quaint area. If you want to have a Lake Tahoe honeymoon, there are luxurious vacation rentals that will pamper and spoil you and your partner at affordable rates, and with a back-drop like Lake Tahoe, you will never want to return to your everyday life!

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Getting to Lake Tahoe

If you are traveling to Lake Tahoe, you can arrive into any of the 3 nearby international airports. The Reno/Tahoe International Airport is probably the easiest option for people who do not want to rent a car during their visit to the lake, because there is an affordable door-to-door shuttle service, on the North Lake Tahoe Express. Two other great choices for your flights into and out of Lake Tahoe are San Francisco International Airport, and Oakland International Airport; with either of these options you should expect to book a rental car in addition to your flight, or charter a private ride or taxi. Once you arrive in the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, you will not necessarily need a rental car, because the public transit is so efficient.

TART, or Tahoe Area Regional Transportation, is a local service that provides excellent transportation for locals and tourists to major attractions, and everywhere else! You could even book a day trip to San Francisco through TART, or another local service.

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Why Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals?

Lake Tahoe vacation rentals are luxurious or simple, cheap or affordable, but always a great value! Whether you are traveling as a group or to golf Lake Tahoe alone, Vacation Rentals will match your needs with a property owner who will exceed your expectations! Save cash, and stay out of the crowded, noisy hotels on your next Lake Tahoe vacation!

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