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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con
June 20- 22, 2014
Las Vegas, NV

Video games, cosplayers, loads of vendors and exhibitors, and of course your favorite comic book artists and characters will all be in Las Vegas this summer. The neon playground is a perfect fit for this playful event!

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What to Expect

Although it won't be a surprise if some big movie stars get added to the special guest list for Las Vegas Comic Con, the event is more geared to true comic book fans. Meet the artists behind New Teen Titans, "the Walking Dead," Capatain America, DEADPOOL, and X Men! You will definitely come home with some autographs. In addition to the celebrity guests, Las Vegas Comic Con attendees will also have access to tons of exhibitors and artists (make sure to check out the 2014 Artist Alley).

There's also an entire Kid's Day on the 22nd that's dedicated to little ones.

Here's a YouTube video from last year's event:



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Top Panels

comic conThe 2014 program for the Las Vegas Comic Con is still a work in progress, but here are some great panels already on the schedule:

  • Comic Experience Session 1: Writing Comics: Andy Schmidt, formerly of MARVEL, will teach you how to bring your comic book characters to life. June 21st, 11 AM
  • Mat Nastos Phineas & Ferb Sketching: Bring the kiddo and get your free Phineaus & Ferb sketch! June 22, 10 AM
    • This panel is part of Kid's Day, which also will feature the artists behind My Little Pony, Adventure Time!, and more.

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Where to Buy Tickets

You can buy tickets to Las Vegas Comic Con at South Point Hotel and Casino at Here are your options:

  • 3-day Pass: $60
  • VIP Package: $150
  • Single Day Pass: $25 to $35, depending on the day you attend

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Costume and Weapon Rules

Las Vegas Comic Con goes out of its way to help cosplayers show off their amazing attire. There is a Cosplay Lounge where you can touch up your costume and take pictures. This is especially handy to have in Vegas in the summer, when temperatures reach the 90s - hot weather does not mix well with makeup and it's hard to keep everything intact when you're going to and from the event in Vegas.

However, there are some rules:

  • Wearing masks and costume makeup, and posing with cosplayers, is not allowed in the casino. As well, most costume props and weapons will also not be allowed. Hence the Cosplay Lounge, where you can change into and out of your costume as needed throughout the day!
    • You do not have to go throught he casino to get to the convention center fortunately!
  • All costumes and props must be checked in and approved before entry. Although it is not explicitly stated on the site, as this is a family-friendly event, all costumes must be appropriate for kids to see and all weapons must be safe.

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Getting Around


The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will take place at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Vegas; the address is 9777 Las Vegas Blvd S. Head to the Pavilon for all the activities (it's down the hall past the cowboy statue). The convention center is luckily located right on the Strip, so if you book a vacation rental nearby, you will just have to hail a cab, walk, or hop on a bus to get there. However, this is not the most bustling part of the Strip - it is the quieter, south end, so you will be forced to ride a bus or car to get to the top attractions. It's a straight shot, though!

There is no information on the site about parking, so make sure you're prepared to pay a parking fee or get creative finding a parking spot if you are toting a rental car! 

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Things to Do Besides Las Vegas Comic Con

What is there to do besides take pictures with your favorite cosplayer and listen to your favorite comic book artists talk about their craft? Lots. You're in Vegas. And the event center - the South Point Hotel and Casino - is right on Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip), but not the most chaotic portion of it. It's a straight shot riding a cab or bus up north to top Vegas attractions, but here are some things to do right near the event center:

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Where to Stay

Many Las Vegas Comic Con attendees will opt to stay right at the South Point Hotel. However, it will sell out fast if it hasn't already, and accommodations will be expensive. As an alternative, consider staying in a more affordable and amenity-packed Vegas condo or vacation home rental either located right by the South Point Hotel (perhaps the South Strip or Silverado Ranch). Or base your stay in the more exciting Las Vegas Strip and attend Comic Con for just a single day.

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