Maine Coast Vacation Rentals

maine coast vacation rentalsIf you are looking for an affordable yet luxurious place to stay during your next family vacation, you might want to consider staying in Maine Coast vacation rentals. There is something for everyone, no matter what type of traveler you are. When you stay in your main coast vacation rental, you can step out your door and enjoy some old world charm such as taking hikes through meadows, gazing at the mountains and strolling around the harbor. If you are looking for some excitement, the Maine coast offers many opportunities for that, too.

When you stay in Maine Coast vacation rentals, you are in close proximity to large numbers of outlet malls, restaurants and museums. You could spend a day on the beach, relax in the sun or you can enjoy some water sports such as snowboarding and sailing. Head back to your house where you can soak in the hot tub or rinse off in the shower before you drive out to town. If you are hungry, prepare yourself a quick meal in your fully equipped kitchen or drive over to a local area restaurant where you can sample lobster and other types of local seafood. Depending on your mood, you can eat in the snack shack, or go to a formal dining restaurant.

You might want to explore some of the museums around you such as the Seashore Trolley Museum or the Portland Museum of Art. The Portland Museum of Art is located downtown in The Arts District. It's the oldest and largest public art institution in Maine. If the history of transportation is more up your alley, the Seashore Trolley Museum will captivate you. This coastal Maine Museum is the world's largest and oldest museum of mass transit vehicles.

Staying in Maine Coast vacation rentals puts you right in the middle of exquisite natural beauty. Watch breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over the beach or go over to Acadia National Park where you can hike or bicycle around as you view Island Lakes, the ocean, and pine forests. Keep your eyes open as you hike and bicycle. You will find a wide variety of mammals ranging from chipmunks to foxes and muskrats. Beach lovers who stay in Maine Coast vacation rentals can take their pick of several popular beaches. You could soak in some rays at Old Orchard Beach, walk the sandy shoreline at York Beach and enjoy a good swim at Goose Rocks.