Maine Fishing Vacation

maine fishing vacationThere are seven different fishing regions in Maine. When you’re planning a fishing trip here, you’ll want to research this information to find the best spot for your Maine fishing vacation.

The Sebago region provides fly fishing and casting. There are different species of trout, salmon, and bass. The area is in the southernmost region of Maine, and is ice-free by mid April. You can take your Maine fishing vacation here early in the spring, and late into the fall. This will allow you to fish early in the season, and throughout the fall, when the foliage is in full bloom.

The Central Maine region, near the Augusta area, is generally ignored by fishermen. But the area contains some of the best fishing in the state. Warm water fish, including smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and Northern pike, are excellent catches in this area. When planning your Maine fishing vacation, you should really consider this area.

The Downeast region offers a wide variety of fishing, both coldwater and warmwater. There are nine species of fish in this area, including landlocked salmon, brook trout, white perch, and pickerel. West Grand Lake is one of the top ten salmon lakes in Maine and eastern Maine’s premiere lake for whitefish. Grand Lake Stream is one of the top five riverine fisheries for salmon. This is another prime location you should consider for you Maine fishing vacation.

The Rangely region is comprised by a series of lakes in western Maine that hold salmon and brook trout. This area also pioneered fly fishing. Many of the waters in the area are for fly fishing only, making this your number one choice for a fly fishing vacation in Maine.

The Moosehead region stocks splake in the waters, which has caused some controversy over the years. Regional fishing information for the area states that if not for stocking splake, there would be a significant fishing loss in the area.

The Penobscot region in the east central part of Maine is the most diverse fishing area in the state, providing both land terrain and fisheries. The fishing in the area is plentiful throughout the summer, and the area is surrounded by wildlife. If you’re planning to take your family on a Maine fishing vacation, this may be the best place to do so.

The Fish River Chain in northern Maine provides coldwater species of fish, such as trout, landlocked salmon, and muskellunge. This could be a good spot for a Maine fishing vacation if you enjoy the cold.