Apartments for Rent in Miami

Miami Family VacationWhen you think about apartments for rent in Miami, you probably think that they're for people relocating to the area or simply trying to find a new living situation. However, there are lots of short-term Miami apartments that will go perfectly with your Florida vacation. Unlike hotel rooms, Miami vacation rentals come in all varieties -- beach villas, mansions and yes, apartments; Miami has all kinds of lodging for you to choose from. It may all be completely new to you. But no worries, Miami apartments are just as easy to book and the best part of all is, they're cheaper than hotels!

Short-term Miami apartment rentals are an especially great pick for a week-long, month-long, or well, longer, getaway. If you're really looking to escape to Florida for a good while, there's no sense in reserving a hotel room for a bunch of consecutive nights. Instead, choose one of Vacation's Miami apartment rentals. Vacation rentals in Miami are much more equipped to handle travelers for long periods of time, while hotel rooms really cater to the one-night stay kind of tourist.

With Miami apartments, you'll usually get - at the very least - a kitchenette, spacious bedroom, living room, and bathroom. You'll get privacy. And chances are, you're gonna get a great view! You can choose from ultra-cheap apartments for rent in Miami or more upscale, though still very affordable, accommodations. After a little browsing, you're sure to find more than a few Miami apartment rentals that will suit your trip. But better book now!

Miami vacation rentals go fast and you need to get yourself in there while your favorite Miami apartments are still available. To find apartments for rent in Miami, just take a look at our listings and sort them by property type. Before you send money to an owner for the deposit, just make sure to register with the Home Away Rental Guarantee.

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