Montreal Jazz Festival

montreal jazz festivalThe Montreal Jazz Festival, also known as Festival International De Jazz De Montreal, is an annual event held in Quebec, Canada. It is often touted as the world's largest jazz festival.


In recent years there have been more than two million attendees at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Montreal becomes home to some of the most famous living jazz musicians during the summer concerts and the city becomes quite alive with music. It is common for hotels to be fully booked many months in advance of the jazz festival. Montreal hotels that are not fully booked often have limited accommodation options during the weeks of music. For this reason, many people choose to stay in vacation rentals in the city.

Not only are vacation rentals economical, but they also offer an authentic Montreal experience that cannot be had by lodging in a hotel. Furthermore, vacation rentals are often available even when hotels have become booked. While inexperienced travelers might not think of looking into a vacation rental in Montreal, the savvy jazz lover might be able to find perfect accommodations even after the hotels have hung their "no vacancy" signs.


The events that make up the Montreal Jazz Festival are held in many locations throughout the city. Some are held in small cafes and jazz clubs. Others are held in some of the cities largest concert halls. For maps highlighting all of the venues and information about the location of each event, visit the official website for the jazz festival. Montreal headquarters for the event are located at the following address:

The Montreal Jazz Festival
305 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Montreal, QC H2X 2A3, Canada


The Montreal Jazz festival is held every year in the summer months. It is often held in late June or early July. In 2010, the festival will begin on June 25 and conclude on July 6. The festival dates for future years are also listed on the festival's official website.