Myrtle Beach Beaches

Myrtle Beach is home to 60 miles of beautiful beaches. The seaside town is part of the "Grand Strand," a long sandy coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. Myrtle Beach beaches are not only some of the most popular in the eastern US, they're also a family favorite. Plenty of distractions on land, like world-class golf, delicious seafood restaurants, and amusement parks, make Myrtle Beach vacation rentals a top pick every year. But let's focus on pristine Myrtle Beach beaches, the main appeal of this coastal area.

Myrtle Beach Activities

Myrtle Beach Family Beach VacationNo matter what your style, you can find something to do on the beaches of Myrtle Beach. Those eager to relax can bask underneath the South Carolina sun, while other more active beachgoers can go boating, scuba diving, kayaking, and even windsurfing! Myrtle Beach beaches are synonymous with fun.

Of all Myrtle Beach water sports, though, fishing is the most famous. If you're casually fishing off the pier, you don't need to worry about getting a fishing license. However, if you're after oysters, clams, or finfish, better get that license. Those who come to Myrtle Beach beaches to fish should come when the annual Grand Strand Fishing Rodeo is underway, typically from April to October. During this time period, anglers aim to catch the biggest fish; after all, their biggest catch could earn them the grand prize.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Tips

Whenever you spend time in the ocean, there are some basic swimming tips to keep in mind. Make sure the shoreline and someone you know is always within sight! Otherwise, you'll get carried away -- by a wave. In fact, swimming 50 yards beyond the beach is against Myrtle Beach "rules."

While the weather in Myrtle Beach is beautiful in the summer and spring time, you'll want to keep an eye on weather reports and steer clear of the beach if it turns inclement.

Sunblock is your best friend on a beach vacation in Myrtle Beach, particularly if you're traveling with kids. So, wear lots of it and reapply it throughout the day.

While sunblock is a big "yes" on Myrtle Beach beaches, driving your car is not. In addition to cars, glass is also not allowed on the Grand Strand.

There are many pet-friendly Myrtle Beach beaches, so consider bringing your pooch along for your vacation.

You can't enjoy Myrtle Beach beaches to their fullest in the colder months, but they always make for great scenery! 

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