New Hampshire Travel Guide

Where can you go swimming under a waterfall one day and take a scenic drive through the mountains the next? New Hampshire vacations are full of this variety and are always centered on harnessing the beauty of nature. If you’re looking for an escape from the chaos of day to day life, head north to New Hampshire and get ready to take things a little slower!

If you can picture your family gliding down the slopes in winter or taking a boat out on the lake with a picnic in the summer, New Hampshire vacations may be a perfect match. Wondering what there is to do in New Hampshire? Let reveal all the fun activities you can enjoy from the doorstep of your spacious rental.

What to Do in New Hampshire

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Summer Fun

Do you want to transport your kids to a different time, or teach them how to enjoy simple pleasures? New Hampshire family vacations are the perfect time to expose them to pristine lakes and beautiful forests. Spend your days swimming, picnicking, or just lounging on one of the numerous beaches.

Looking for a little more activity for your summer fun? Treat your kids to an hour on the jet ski or take a boat tour together. Hire a New Hampshire travel guide to bring you on a hike through the forest to a spectacular waterfall, and then jump in for a swim! Summer should be full of simple pleasures from lemonade to drying off after a swim in the sun. New Hampshire sets the stage for these family bonding moments!

Winter Wonderland

Don’t catch the winter blues this year, but instead, enjoy the best this season has to offer! New Hampshire vacations are full of opportunities to enjoy the fluffy snow, fresh air, and pine trees of the mountains. From a cozy cabin you will be able to hit the slopes with skiing options for all ability levels.

While skiing is the most popular winter activity, other sports might just form the best memories during New Hampshire family vacations. Try snowmobiling for an exhilarating treat or snow tubing for wholesome family fun. Snowshoeing, winter climbing, and hiking are all gaining popularity in New Hampshire as well. With the right equipment, it is possible to hit the trails all year long!

Any good New Hampshire travel guide will explain that winter activities can be traditional or adventurous. Get snug with your family for an old-fashioned sleigh ride or try something new with an ice-fishing excursion. However you enjoy New Hampshire in winter, you’ll be glad you got away to enjoy the snow!

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Unwind, Relax, Rejuvenate

Sometimes the best thing to do on vacation is nothing at all. New Hampshire is full of chances to sit back and relax. To take this relaxation to a higher level, make a reservation at a day spa or resort spa in New Hampshire. Achieve your goal of healthy living with a relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi, a massage for two, or even yoga classes.

Another great way to relax is to sit back and enjoy the show. New Hampshire family vacations offer endless chances for a scenic drive. This state was made for road trips, and you can get in the car any day of the year and be impressed by the Northeast’s highest mountains, sparkling lakes, and quaint villages. Visitors especially love the scenic drives in the Lakes Region, the Great North Woods, and the Connecticut River Scenic Byway.

For travelers who relax as they exercise, New Hampshire vacations can include a round of 18 on a variety of golf courses. If cooking is your soothing activity, visit farmer’s markets and feast your eyes on diverse fresh ingredients to whip up gourmet meals in the private kitchen of your vacation rental.

Attractions Just for the Family

Each autumn, kids anxiously await New Hampshire family vacations and the chance to go apple picking. If you bring your kids once, be prepared for them to ask to return year after year! From apples to pumpkins, the harvest is full of opportunities for kids to explore New Hampshire’s farms and orchards.

If the apples lure you to New Hampshire, maybe the maple syrup season will entice you back in the spring! Each year from mid-February through mid-April, the state of New Hampshire produces almost 90,000 gallons of maple syrup. If your kids love pancakes and French toast, this is the perfect time of year to plan New Hampshire family vacations!

Don’t forget about all the outdoor activities that are perfect for some quality family time. Take kayaking lessons, go for a refreshing swim in the lake, or encounter wildlife on the many hiking and biking trails throughout the state.

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What to See in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire History

Education can also be a part of New Hampshire family vacations. The history of this state will be told through the stories of people who have called New Hampshire home. From learning about Native Americans to colonial history, there are a variety of interesting historical sites.

Start with Fort at No. 4, a living history museum that transports visitors back to the 1740s. Learn about industrial history at Littleton Grist Mill, where your kids will love the operational water wheel. If ancient history interests you more, don’t miss America’s Stonehenge, a 4,000 year old archeological site. Other popular historical sites include the Washington Historical Society & Museum and the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion Historic Site.

Take a Road Trip to See These Landmarks

 All New Hampshire vacations should include getting in the car for a little road trip. Whether you set out for poet Robert Frost’s farmhouse in Derry or plan to see one of the 54 historic covered bridges throughout the state, you will be rewarded with scenic views every mile of the journey.

Other important landmarks throughout New Hampshire include a variety of forts, such as Fort Constitution Historic Site and Fort Stark Historic Site. If you’re interested in the early lives of historical figures, don’t miss the Daniel Webster birthplace or the Franklin Pierce Homestead.

What about Wildlife?

With a little bit of luck, New Hampshire vacations will be full of wildlife sightings. Treat your family to a whale-watching tour, or hit the trails and see what types of animals you encounter. From deer to bears to birds, you never know what you’ll see on a trail in New Hampshire!

Keep your eyes peeled during a kayaking tour as you might encounter a river otter or two. Peering down in the crystal clear water you will also be able to make out a variety of fish. To learn more about what you will see, make time to stop at the Seacoast Science Center.

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Where to Shop and Eat in New Hampshire

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Bringing Home a Piece of New Hampshire

Antique enthusiasts will never want New Hampshire vacations to end. Add in the fact that shopping in this state is tax free, and you might come home with a few more items than planned! Antique shops and dealers in New Hampshire are known for their quality and variety.

If you truly love antiques, don’t miss the annual New Hampshire Antiques Show held each August in Manchester. There are over 100 antique stores in the state, so whether you’re in Portsmouth (visit the Antiquarium) or Fitzwilliam (try Bloomin’ Antiques), you are sure to find a great variety of historic furniture and housewares.

Any good New Hampshire travel guide will also provide details on shopping beyond antiques. Name brand factory outlets are another popular choice for shoppers. Don’t miss out on Settlers’ Green Outlet Village that boasts over 60 shops. The bargain shopper will love old-fashioned shops where a nickel or dime is enough to make a purchase. And if you forgot any sports equipment for either skiing or hiking, don’t worry; New Hampshire shops are stocked with anything you could need to get outdoors.

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The Culinary Side of New Hampshire

Are you looking to indulge in fine-dining or add to your recipe book during New Hampshire vacations? The diverse dining scene in this state offers both. Experience fine dining in a country inn atmosphere, attend a traditional New Hampshire lobster bake, or learn some new tricks in the kitchen from passionate farmers at markets.

For pure indulgence, don’t miss the New Hampshire wine and cheese trail where farmers are practicing a farm to table motto every day by serving only local products. Start out your wine and cheese tour at the Sandwich Creamery, known for both its cheese and ice cream. Continue by taking a tour of Stonegate Vineyard and Winery before Agape Homestead Farm to sample a variety of cheeses. Beyond wineries, breweries are also popular for tours and tastings.

Some visitors may be surprised to learn that they can spend a morning hiking and an evening at a fine-dining restaurant. New Hampshire delivers this experience, especially at The Woodshed, where fine-dining is offered in a 1800s farmhouse and barn. Other options for fine-dining include the Chesterfield Inn Restaurant and Millstone Restaurant.

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When to Visit New Hampshire

No matter what time of year you want to plan New Hampshire family vacations, there are activities to make your trip special. The landscape changes throughout the four distinct seasons providing the ideal backdrop for all of your adventurous activities.

Each individual traveler will have a favorite season to visit New Hampshire. If hiking through forests of fall foliage and picking apples in the orchard sounds like your type of trip, visit in the autumn months of October and November. If you’d rather swim in the lakes and take a kayaking trip, book your vacation rental for the summer months.

No quality New Hampshire travel guide would exclude the winter for family fun activities. Skiing, snowshoeing, and sleigh rides will keep you busy during the day and you can spend nights relaxing by the cozy fire. Spring is the time for maple syrup, so bring your sweet tooth to New Hampshire from mid-February through mid-April!

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What to Bring to New Hampshire

New Hampshire family vacations will be strongly influenced by the seasons. What you bring will largely depend on the season you choose to travel. During the autumn, bring layers of clothing to be prepared for any type of weather. Remember your hiking boots, insect repellant, and rain gear in case of showers. Weather can still be cool in the spring as well, so remember to bring layers for the varying temperatures throughout the day.

During the summer, sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses will be essential. If you plan on swimming in the lakes, remember your bathing suits. A road trip should definitely be part of your New Hampshire itinerary, so be sure to bring some entertainment for the kids during the drive. Take advantage of the kitchen at your vacation rental and bring your favorite recipe for pancakes or waffles and enjoy the local maple syrup!

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Local Services in New Hampshire

Any good New Hampshire travel guide will warn you that local services in New Hampshire can be few and far between. Be sure to bring any prescriptions or special foods that you may require during your trip. Farmer’s markets will be plentiful, but largely throughout the state, stores operate under very regular business hours. Don’t worry if you forget any equipment for your activities—sporting goods stores are very well stocked in New Hampshire.

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What to Know About New Hampshire

Some travelers don’t think there is more to New Hampshire than colonial villages, antique shops, and apple orchards. While these are all part of what makes New Hampshire special, they are only scratching the surface. Plan New Hampshire vacations to explore the landscape, encounter wildlife, or enjoy fine dining. When you return from your trip, you might be surprised at how multi-faceted this state can be!

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Getting to New Hampshire

Most visitors to New Hampshire choose to drive to this area of New England to enjoy scenic road trips and the variety of attractions spread throughout this small, manageable state. If you prefer to fly, you can always fly and rent a car at the airport. There are three regional airports in New Hampshire: Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, Lebanon Municipal Airport, and Portsmouth International Airport at Pease.

Driving within the borders of New Hampshire only takes a few hours. The area between the eastern border and the western border takes approximately two hours to drive. The northern border to the southern border of the state can be driven in approximately four to four and a half hours.

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Why New Hampshire Vacation Rentals?

The scenery of New Hampshire is vast and beautiful, so why would you want to look at it from a small hotel room? Your accommodation should be as spacious as the views outside your window, and only vacation rentals can achieve this. After a day on the slopes or fishing on the lakes, a day is somehow made even better with extra space to relax in. For your next vacation, find more than just a place to rest your head, find your dream vacation rental.

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