New Jersey Beach Front Rentals

There is no place in the world quite like the Jersey Shore. And there is no better way to experience such a place than by booking one of the NJ beachfront rentals available at

With more than 127 miles of ocean coastline stretching along the eastern shore, New Jersey has no shortage of space for beach front rentals. Within those 127 miles are towns and cities of all sizes and demographics, the characters of many of which are reflected in the wooden boardwalks that line their beaches. New Jersey’s beachfront towns and cities range from hip and bustling to fun and family friendly to quiet and sophisticated. Do some research on the cities and towns where you think you’d fit in best to find the NJ beachfront rental that’s right for you. Atlantic City, at the southern tip of New Jersey, boasts the world’s first and longest boardwalk of its kind, built in 1870.

New Jersey’s beachfront boardwalks are home to almost any kind of entertainment you can think of. There are amusement parks, waterparks, casinos, aquariums, food stands, souvenier shops, rides, carnival games, and of course, clear, wide, sandy beaches. You can go boating, sightseeing, fishing, or biking. You could tour one of the 11 lighthouses open to the public, or you could peruse the shore’s historic architecture.

With so many things to see and do along New Jersey’s shore, it’s no wonder the area attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. And rather than becoming one of the typical tourists flooding the boardwalk, why not experience the shore like a local, coming back to your own quiet home away from home after a long day taking it all in? The perfect NJ beachfront rental is waiting for you. It’s just a few clicks away at

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