Ogunquit Travel Guide

One of the beautiful towns along Maine's Atlantic coastline, Ogunquit offers a picturesque view, relaxing atmosphere and friendly community, all of which come together to create a wonderful vacation destination for travelers of any age.

What to Do in Ogunquit

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Wonder Mountain Fun Park

This small amusement park is full of fun activities for Ogunquit vacations. There are two 18-hole miniature golf courses, an arcade with pay-as-you-go games and the Treasure Trap Maze. The maze is the latest addition to the park and resembles a mouse maze but is made for humans of all ages to get lost in. You can find Wonder Mountain Fun Park in Moody, Maine, just two miles North of Ogunquit on U.S. Highway 1.


Since Ogunquit, Maine vacation rentals put you moments from the Atlantic coast, deep sea fishing is an activity you simply must experience. Even if you're not an avid fisherman, the rush of a catch out on the open sea is a fantastic moment for young and old. The fishing season typically begins in mid-spring and several boats offer fishing excursions such as the Bunny Clark or the Ugly Ann.

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Whale Watching and Cruises

There are other great ways to enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean while on Ogunquit vacations. Take a relaxing sail along Perkins Cove on The Silverlining, a six passenger vessel, and along the way you can watch lobstermen hard at work, catch a glimpse of a minke whale or seals, or just kick back and watch the sunset over the coastline.

You can also take an exclusive whale watching cruise. First Chance Whalewatch, just north in Kennebuck, offers a four and a half hour whale watching excursion 20 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean where you will likely see whales, dolphins and other awe inspiring ocean life. Trips start in late May/early June and run through October each year. Your trip takes you to the summer feeding grounds of Finbacks, Humpbacks, Minkes, Blue and Right Whales. In the unfortunate event that there are no sightings on your excursion, you are welcome to join another trip at no charge.

Sea Kayaking

Another popular activity with locals and tourists alike is sea kayaking adventures. Excursions Coastal Maine Outfitting Co. provides half-day trips along the coast of Cape Neddick (seven miles South of Ogunquit on Highway 1). The company also designs custom excursions for groups and offers weekend kayaking adventures where participants camp along Maine's Casco Bay Region.

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What to See in Ogunquit

Beach Plum Farm

Beach Plum Farm is on the northern side of Ogunquit. What was once a New England salt-water farm is now 22 acres used for over 50 community gardens. It also provides a beautiful scenic view of the landscape and local habitat, including a salt marsh, bayberry and beach plum trees and coastal birds.

Cape Neddick Lighthouse

Less than 10 miles South of Ogunquit, on the small peninsula overlooking Cape Neddick, is the most photographed lighthouse in the world. The beautiful rocky coastline and elegance of the Cape Neddick Lighthouse offers a beautiful place to just sit and take in the beauty of the world around you. Built in 1879 and still in use today, the lighthouse is not available for tours, but be sure to bring your camera and capture the picturesque horizon it provides.

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Where to Shop and Eat in Ogunquit

ogunquit restaurantThere are several dining establishments in Ogunquit that will make your vacation experience even better. Try Bintliff's Restaurant, Five-O Shore Road or Angelina's Restorante and Wine Bar, all of which placed in recent Chowderfest competitions. Splash Food and Spirits, a café style establishment, is the only restaurant on Ogunquit beach. Huckleberry's, which also sports the nostalgic café atmosphere, specializes in fresh Maine lobster, fish and chips, offers the noted best breakfast in town and fresh homemade desserts.

Ogunquit isn't lacking in places to shop either. Beach bodegas and shops offer everything you'll need for your daily beach activities, as well as souvenirs. Since most Ogunquit, Maine vacation rentals have fully-equipped kitchens, you can visit Village Food Mart to pick up snacks and groceries to save on dining expenses. Stores like Whit's End and Spoiled Rotten not only have appealing names, but offer great items like candy, décor, gifts, jewelry, apparel and gourmet foods.

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When to Visit Ogunquit

The most popular season for Ogunquit vacations is during the warmer months of the year, typically May to September. While the winter months do offer their own peaceful atmosphere, with limited vacationers, most available activities in Ogunquit center around the water and warmer temperatures.

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What to Bring to Ogunquit

First and foremost, be sure to bring your camera. You don't want to miss an opportunity to capture spectacular moments like the cod fish your husband caught on a deep sea fishing excursion or the whale your whole family saw on a whale watching cruise -- not to mention the beautiful scenery all around you.

Sunscreen is, of course, a must, especially in the summer months when you are likely to spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the beach, water and recreation. Summer temperatures can reach the 90s during the day and drop down to the 50s or 60s at night, so be sure to pack several options as far as clothing goes. A variety such as your swimsuit, shorts, t-shirts as well as long pants and a light jacket will likely cover any weather you encounter during spring and summer Ogunquit vacations.

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Local Services in Ogunquit

Hut Sixty 6 Bike and Scooter Rentals

Hut Sixty 6 not only sells bikes and scooters, but rents them out to travelers on Ogunquit vacations as well. Rental prices are based upon the item you rent and whether you want to rent for two hours, a half day or a full day. Among the items available for rent are bicycles (cruisers, mountain, sand and road bikes with complementary locks and helmets), scooters (with helmets), surf boards, boogie boards, river tubes and jogging strollers. Hut Sixty 6 is closed from January to March. You can find the store 10 miles north of Ogunquit on U.S. Highway 1 in Kennebuck, Maine. The address is 3 Parsons Street and the phone number is 207-251-4767.

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Ogunquit Beach and Sport

Rent all the beach supplies that you forgot at home, or that were too large to bring along, from local rental shops like Ogunquit Beach and Sport (OBS). OBS offers delivery services for its supplies from Memorial Day to mid-September -- bringing what you need directly to you. Among the many supplies OBS has available are beach chairs and umbrellas, carts and coolers, beach game supplies and smaller water sport supplies such as boogie and skim boards. The store is located at 68 Shore Road, or you can call 207-351-7840 to place your order.

Spas and Salons

Bask in all of the relaxation that Ogunquit vacations have to offer by visiting one of the local spas or salons. Enjoy a deep tissue massage or get a pedicure. Other treatments include skin care treatments, nail care services, body treatments and even services and treatments designed specifically for men. Spas in the area include Genesis Day Spa, Your Body Works Massage and Day Spa, and Cliff House Spa. Top off your relaxing excursion with yoga classes at Sacred Movement Sanctuary.

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What to Know About Ogunquit

If you plan to explore the area using a bicycle or scooter, you must be aware of a few local regulations. Children under the age of 16 must wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. In order to ride a scooter you must be 21 years old and helmets are a requirement on scooters for all drivers/passengers.

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Getting to Ogunquit

The nearest metropolitan airport is Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. Renting a car at the airport is likely more economical than taking a taxi cab for the hour and a half drive to Ogunquit. Take Interstate 95 North to exit 7 onto U.S. Highway 1 North. Drive nearly seven miles and you will reach Ogunquit.

If you plan to drive from your home somewhere in the nation to Ogunquit, there are several possible routes. Residents of Northern Maine simply need to drive toward the coast and then take U.S. Highway 1 South to Ogunquit. Those heading East from the area of New York state should take Interstate 90 East to Interstate 95 North to Highway 1. There are several possibilities for those traveling from virtually anywhere else in the country, so it's best to refer to a map to determine your route leading to Interstate 95 North.

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Why Ogunquit vacation rentals?

Hotels are cramped and scream tourist. Resorts can sometimes feel stiff and lifeless as they work so hard to be classy that they often forget about the personal needs of each guest. Staying in Ogunquit, Maine vacation rentals allows you to be completely in control of your vacation, to feel like you belong in Ogunquit with minimal effort. Available amenities like fully-equipped kitchens, private parking, accommodations for several travelers in the same rental, hot tubs and beach front property are only a taste of the satisfaction Ogunquit, Maine vacation rentals have to offer.

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