Okemo Ski Resorts

Okemo Ski ResortsThe Okemo Valley in Vermont is a popular place to ski and spend a vacation because of the many attractions in the area. It is home to some of the best snow available in the eastern United States. It is a wonderful vacation spot for the whole family because there are activities in the area that are suitable for any age group. If you do some research on the area, you will be enchanted by all there is to offer. Okemo really is the place to be.

Family-friendly Skiing

Okemo is a family centered ski resort, and your kids are sure to enjoy their time there. It offers free skiing and riding to children under age six, so it is a great place to teach your child how to ski at an early age. You can even buy private ski lessons for children as young as two at this one of a kind resort. If you want to go skiing without worrying about your kids, you can drop them off at the Penguin Playground Daycare Center during the day, and they will have a great time while you hit the slopes. Daycare is even available on some selected nights.

Another great family feature of the Okemo Ski Resorts is that they have a lot of beginner and intermediate slopes. Your children will enjoy learning the basic skills of skiing and snowboarding at this resort, and then go on to enjoy a lifetime of skiing. If you want your family to develop the love for skiing that you have, then Okemo Ski Resort is the best place to take them.

You can find a lot of great deals on lift tickets at this famous resort, so don’t let the tight budget keep you away from the slopes. The resort offers equipment rentals at an affordable price, and the employees pride themselves on really great service. The ski slopes are well-maintained and the resort cares about your safety. It is one of the best ski resorts to take your family.

You can find some great rental properties for your family to stay at in the area. A rental property is a great alternative to a hotel because they are often less expense and offer more amenties and privacy. What is more satisfying than knowing that your family is going to have a safe and relaxing place to stay after a busy day out on the slopes? Take a look at VacationRentals.com to help you find the perfect place to stay on your Okemo Ski Resort vacation.