Orange Beach Fishing


Treat the family to a fishing trip in Orange Beach.
Fishing enthusiasts know that the waters of the Gulf of Mexico offer some of the best fishing in the country. However, most fishermen focus their attention either on the Gulf Coast of Florida or Texas. There is a stretch of the Gulf Coast in Alabama that also offers excellent fishing.

When you choose Orange Beach fishing, you will have many options for deep sea fishing charters or even just learning the basics. This destination is ideal for families looking to break out of their vacation rut and try a new outdoor activity.



Choosing a Fishing Charter

When it comes to the best fishing in Orange Beach, each individual visitor will have his or her own opinion. If you’re looking for an introduction to fishing, you might prefer a shorter inshore fishing excursion. Other travelers regardless of experience level will want to go straight for the excitement with a deep sea fishing excursion. No matter what type of charter you choose, the captains here have an attitude of "learn as you go." No family or individual should feel intimidated by Orange Beach fishing; here they want you to love fishing as much as they do!


What to Expect from Your Fishing Experience

To some visitors, the best fishing in Orange Beach occurs when other creatures show their heads. If you have one member of your group that might not be too keen on fishing, one way to convince them is to mention that many fishing charters come across bottlenose dolphins during the tour. If you happen to be visiting Orange Beach during the summer months, you might also get lucky and come across sea turtles. If you’re wondering what types of fish you might find at the end of your line, get ready for a long list. The Gulf Coast is full of a rich variety of fish including red snapper, amberjack, grouper, mackerel, trout, and more.


The Thrill of Fishing

Some people associate fishing with quiet days on a lake, waiting for a bite. However the opposite is true when it comes to Orange Beach fishing. Deep sea fishing excursions often return with large fish that were a real battle to catch. If you’re more interested in a thrilling day trip than a quiet relaxing day, you have come to the right place. Fishing charters are available for groups of all sizes as well. If you’re looking for an intimate charter where you can have the focus of a guide, there are boats for groups of 4–6 people. However if you’re traveling with a group, there are larger boats that can accommodate up to 20 people for a tour with a festive feel.


Charter Companies

Every visitor will have his or her own opinion on the best fishing in Orange Beach; however, there are a few charter companies that are especially popular. Choosing between Distraction Charters, Orange Beach Fishing Charters, and Sea Hunter Charters might come down to availability or the perfect match in boat size, time, and length of excursion. If you’re unsure about the best fishing charter for you, take the time to call ahead before your trip. Talking on the phone to an experienced guide will help you to choose the best fishing charter for you.

Planning a fishing trip in Orange Beach Alabama will provide moments your kids won’t soon forget. Be sure to stay in a waterfront Orange Beach vacation rental for the most convenience!


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