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palm springs dealsSince Palm Springs is such a popular vacation destination, local businesses can get away with raising prices – but that doesn't mean you have to bankrupt yourself if you take a Palm Springs vacation! Instead, keep an eye out for Palm Springs deals and plan carefully, and you'll find that cheap Palm Springs vacations are way more doable than you might think.

The first step in planning affordable Palm Springs vacations is booking affordable transportation. If you're flying, look at several different airlines to find the best Palm Springs deals. You might have to choose an indirect flight or opt for a no-frills airline, but cheap Palm Spring vacations make it worthwhile. Fly on less popular flights, like in the middle of the week instead of on the weekend. As long as you're willing to be flexible, you'll find great Palm Springs vacation deals no matter where you're flying from.

Once you've booked the right ticket, you need to find accommodations that will fit your budget. Rule out expensive, all-inclusive Palm Springs hotels that charge you for every little extra. Instead, look into Palm Springs vacation discounts on condo rentals and vacation villas. Palm Springs vacation rentals mean you'll be dealing with an individual owner who understands your budget needs and is willing to set reasonable Palm Springs vacation deals that you can afford. If you really want to save money, bring along a few extra friends and split the bill with them for truly cheap Palm Springs vacations – Palm Springs rental homes can easily accommodate all your friends in a single location.

Finally, you'll need to be smart about how you spend your money once you're there. Although you're on vacation, resist the temptation to go out for every meal. If you stay in a Palm Springs vacation rental, you'll have your own full kitchen so you can cook at home instead. Look for Palm Springs deals on groceries and you'll save a bundle. Even if you splurge once or twice for a great meal out, dining carefully makes affordable Palm Springs vacations possible. Also, when you make your plans for the day, look into all the great free and cheap things to do in Palm Springs. To budget cheap Palm Springs vacations, you may have to forgo expensive golfing and choose to visit inexpensive national parks instead, but you'll still have a ton of fun.

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Updated 6.3.2009