Pet Friendly Ocean City NJ Rentals

pet friendly ocean city nj rentalsAre you one of those pet lovers who puts off a vacation, year after year, in fear of leaving your pet at home? Have you been told by countless hotels that pets just aren’t welcome? It is possible to bring your pet along on your next vacation if you choose the right type of accommodation. Pet friendly Ocean City NJ rentals welcome families and their pets for a getaway full of beach fun. Your trip is sure to feel complete with all members of the family, including your pet, along for the journey. Many vacation rental owners are pet lovers themselves, so as you investigate options in Ocean City, keep your eye out for individual owners that welcome pets to their property.

Why Choose Ocean City Vacation Rentals?

Every summer, families take advantage of the extended break from school to plan a vacation. The beautiful coastline of New Jersey is a popular choice, as for many people, it is a close drive from home and offers great weather and beach fun. With pet friendly Ocean City NJ rentals, throw your pet in the car as well for your next vacation. With eight miles of lovely, clean beaches you will have many tempting rentals to choose from once you begin planning your big summer trip.

Besides offering excellent value and convenient amenities like a private kitchen and laundry facilities, many travelers also choose vacation rentals for their close proximity to the beach and local activities. Kids will love the opportunity to go kayaking, boating, fishing, or take out the jet skis. Entertainment isn’t missing either — a 2.5 mile boardwalk is home to two amusement parks, a water park, miniature golf, and more.

Attractions near Ocean City Vacation Rentals

Pet friendly Ocean City NJ rentals aren’t the only place you can bring your pooch. If your family takes a nightly walk on the boardwalk, enjoying games and entertainment, bring your dog along for the walk. Bike rides, sunset strolls, and even just relaxing on the beach can all include your dog. Some restaurants, especially those with outdoor setting, also welcome dogs as long as they sit and are quiet throughout the meal. From Ferris wheels to shopping to dining, you will be surprised by the choices for entertainment and attractions in Ocean City, New Jersey.