Plan Your Disney Vacation Right!

Save Time, Money and Peace of Mind on Your Disney Vacation Disney World Vacation

Even though Walt Disney World is a standard vacation destination for young families, don’t settle for a standard vacation. Here is a guide to planning a Disney vacation and getting the most out of Orlando’s otherworldly, action-packed theme park. With a thoughtful itinerary and Disney vacation homes on your side, you're sure to save money and keep the little ones entertained.

Strategize Like a Disney Villain
While spontaneity is encouraged, coming to the resort with a plan in hand will help you cram as much fun into your weekend to week-long getaway as possible. Hint: the longer you stay, the better! Disney World vacation rentals can be affordably booked for long periods of time.

Walt Disney World is like a major metropolis or small foreign country. Plan a trip to Disney World as you would a trip to London or Paris. Read about popular attractions and lesser-known ones ahead of time, memorize a map of the park, research the best (and cheapest) restaurants, and craft a detailed itinerary. Between Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Blizzard Beach, park-hopping experts fare the best in Disney World, so learn about their secrets and skills ahead of time.

Disney World doesn’t just offer up kid-friendly rides and colorful costumed characters; championship golf courses, world-class restaurants, lively parades, thrilling firework shows, and Cirque du Soleil are just some of the things to look forward to on your visit. You can find extensive travel guides at your local bookstore and on the web.

Plan Your Disney Vacation

Save Every Penny
Mickey Mouse is a lovable, friendly character, but he’s also making a lot of money. Find as many discounts and package deals as possible before you buy a single airline ticket or make a single reservation.

Disney vacation homes are a better pick than overpriced, crowded hotels. Not only will you benefit from a private, cozy experience, with room to spare, but you’ll have the option to dine in for some or all of your meals!

Create a budget before your arrival so you’re not coerced into buying ten toys a day for the children. Purchase sunscreen, disposable cameras, batteries, diapers, postcards, contact lenses, painkillers, and Disney autograph books and toys before leaving your hometown. Both souvenirs and must-have items are expensive in and around Orlando.

Sweat the Small Stuff
Don’t overlook details that may rear their ugly heads once you touch down in Orlando. What will the weather be like – are you prepared to face the heat? Do you have a back-up plan for a rainy day? Have you considered your child care options? Does your Orlando villa rental have internet access? Think of the unique wants and needs of every traveler, from toddlers to pets, and anticipate issues that might pop up and threaten your Disney-inspired bliss.

Disney World is indeed a magical and memorable place for the young and young at heart, but if you’re not careful, it can be overwhelming, disappointing, and painfully expensive. That's why planning a Disney vacation well in advance is key. 

However, don’t rely on your itinerary too much! Come to the park prepared, while expecting the unexpected. If you don’t, little hang-ups will seem like big deals, and you’ll forget to have fun. Children get sick, storms happen, and stuff gets lost; chances are you’ll have a great time no matter what, as long as you're open-minded and flexible.

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