Poconos Ski Vacation

You don’t have to go to Europe, Canada, or the Rocky Mountains for an awesome ski trip. Consider a Poconos ski vacation in Eastern Pennsylvania. The Poconos have had ski resorts for over 60 years. These high quality resorts have quality lifts, short lines, and a variety of types of slopes. Cabin rentals and other vacation rentals are available to help you take advantage of the many skiing opportunities that can be found on the Poconos.

The Poconos accommodates all winter sports and a vacation rental can give you some better accessibility by putting you within range of more than one ski resort, or within range of cheaper and more affordable ski rentals. There are ski rental shops that are not located at the resorts, and as such they cost less. The Poconos are also in driving range of New York City, if you’d like to kill two birds with one stone.

A ski vacation in the Poconos isn’t just about skiing either—the infrastructures have been recently upgraded and you have other options like (of course) snowboarding, kids’ options, a real horse-drawn sleigh, snowshoeing, hiking, ice-fishing, ice skating, dogsledding, and many others. Anything winter related is covered in this vast region with a rich ski history. There are also plenty of places to go snow tubing or snowmobiling. No matter the type of winter sport or activity, the Poconos have it all and are considered a must-see ski stop on the world’s list of ski areas.

Cabin and vacation rentals are the best options you can use. When you’re doing winter activities, you usually want privacy and an escape, and hotels and cities can break that feeling for you. Why spoil it? Do an affordable vacation rental at a cabin, home, or condo. The rates are often lower than you think.

What are you waiting for? Book your Poconos ski vacation rental ASAP!