Quebec Travel Guide

Break up the monotony of winter this year with snowmobiling, dining in style, or exploring a historic walled city. When you visit Quebec City, you will discover just how fun winter can be. The climate of Quebec allows visitors to stay in an ice hotel or pump up the adrenaline with rock climbing. If you’re seeking an adventure vacation for the whole family, can connect you to a cozy cabin to snuggle up by the fire after a day of rafting, ice climbing, or skiing.

Don’t miss Quebec City events in the summer as well. When the snow melts, the perfect landscape for hiking and mountain biking is revealed. Hotels are just too cramped to relax in after a day spent exploring this cultural city and its spectacular natural surroundings. Spread out in the comfort of your own vacation rental—but don’t get too cozy! There is plenty of history, adventure, and culture to explore when you visit Quebec City.

What to Do

Quebec Biking VacationJust over the border from Maine is a whole new adventurous landscape to discover. Many visitors are pleasantly surprised with things to do: Quebec has many events including attending an action-packed hockey game, taking your first lesson in extreme sports, catching an exhibition or concert, and even discovering how natives define the art of living.

The cultural traveler will be thrilled with Quebec City events from local markets to premiers at art galleries. Book opera tickets at the Grand Theatre de Quebec or catch a show at Palais Montcalm (be sure to reserve your tickets in advance of your trip). Finish off your special evening with a gourmet meal at one of Quebec City’s top restaurants.

Breathe in that Splendid Mountain Air

The climate of Quebec may encourage you to leave behind these city attractions in favor of a natural high. No experience is necessary to try ice climbing, mountaineering, or ice canyoning. If you can picture yourself descending a frozen waterfall surrounded by snow-covered pine trees—give canyoning a shot.

Other things to do Quebec will also get the blood bumping. Rock climb through narrow gorges, hit the mountain bike trail, or climb aboard a snowmobile for the ride of a lifetime. There are many trails appropriate for beginners as well - so bring along the whole family. One of the ultimate great outdoors vacations—Quebec will leave you wishing you had planned a longer trip!

Find Relaxation and Culture in Quebec City

Looking for a relaxing vacation instead? When you visit Quebec City, a combination of shopping, spas, and places to sit back over a cocktail are sure to leave you feeling refreshed. A touch of French culture will leave you feeling as if you’ve crossed the Atlantic to spend the day in Paris. Fashion, historic cobblestone streets, and affordable wine will leave you under Quebec's spell.

One of the most popular things to do Quebec is to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Quebec. In these walls you will find over 400 years of history to explore. Historical tours and events will illuminate what life was like in the former capital of "New France." Locals are very proud of their historic city—so ask your server, tour guide, or shop keeper about what attractions not to miss.

Events Quebec City

Events in Quebec City

Quebec City events are another great reason to plan a trip. Festivals showcase some of the liveliest atmosphere the city has to offer. The SAQ New France Festival takes place each August, with costumed parades, street performances, and outdoor markets. This historic festival will lend an educational twist to a summer family vacation.

Looking for a festival based around music? Of all Quebec City events, the International Festival of Military Bands is a favorite. Free outdoor concerts in late August are sure to enhance your experience visiting Old Quebec. Be sure to book your vacation rental in advance during these popular festivals!

The climate of Quebec in the summer allows for visitors to explore history on their own time. A variety of routes and trails provide guidelines for visiting mills, churches, and historic homes. The oldest stone church in North America, Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, was built in 1688 and amazes travelers year-round.

Whether you are a shopaholic, devoted foodie, or adventure traveler extraordinaire, Quebec City will satisfy your craving to get away. Are you a traveler with more than one hobby to explore? Quebec City will provide the diversity you’re looking for in your next vacation.

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What to See

Take a step back in time with National Historic Sites in Canada. Of all the things to do Quebec, these attractions have an educational slant that will still excite your kids. Visit Artillery Park where characters in period costumes will welcome you to the defensive 18th century buildings or wander the Fortifications of Quebec. Still want more history? The Citadel is a great place to learn about the military history of the city, while the Parliament Building covers political history. When you visit Quebec City, don’t miss the Plains of Abraham where multimedia exhibitions will bring stories of battles between the English and French to life.

What traveler doesn’t like to taste while they explore? When you visit Quebec City, there are many chances to experience the local flavor. Head towards Old Port Market to see local produce or take the gourmet trail for the best restaurants in the city.

Quebec Fishing

Check out the Local Wildlife

With the climate of Quebec comes interesting wildlife, so get ready for some adventure! Head to Parc National de la Jacques Cartier to see moose or go fishing. Be sure to pack your hiking gear—and why not give mountain biking or canoeing a try? Looking to see more wildlife? Continue the expedition by exploring the Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area. Bird-watchers will have over 300 species to observe during the trip, so be sure to remember the binoculars!

Do you need a new place to go snoeshoeing, cross-country skiing, or ice fishing? There are many places in close proximity to Quebec that can fulfill these adventure vacation wishes. An extended winter season means you can even plan more than one trip a year!

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Where to Shop and Eat

The climate of Quebec may sometimes drive you indoors. After a morning spent mountain climbing, what is better than warming up with local apple cider? Get to know local ingredients that come from maple groves, vineyards, and cider mills. Cheese makers and chocolate shops will tempt you as you wander through the narrow streets of old Quebec.

Experience Food Authentic to Quebec

A taste of authentic French cooking will excite your taste buds at Quebec restaurants. You may want to linger at your table as you admire the 18th century surroundings—and no one will rush you away from your moment of relaxation. Sidewalk cafes are distinctly European in style; expect homemade pastries and delicious, fresh coffee.

Of all the things to do Quebec, eating well is a priority. With over 100 restaurants in Old Quebec, four-star dining options, and some of Canada’s best chefs, it will be difficult to choose where to make a reservation. Whether you came to visit Quebec City for home-style cooking, European-bistro dining, or a casual sidewalk café, you will be delighted with the city’s culinary offerings.

Names of French restaurants will remind you of trips to Paris and the South of France. Whether you choose a table at L’Entrecote Saint-Jean or Le Saint-Amour, the French creations of Quebec’s top chefs will leave you ready to make another reservation!

Quebec Shopping

Quaint Shops and Boutiques

Just like restaurants, shopping temptations are spread throughout the city. One of the most popular things to do Quebec is to explore boutiques and unique shops. Start off in North America’s oldest shopping district, Quartier Petit-Champlain. Elegant window displays will lure you off the cobblestone streets for fashion and hand-crafted house wares.

Wondering what to buy when you visit Quebec City? Popular items visitors seek out are art, fur, jewelry, and Inuit sculptures. These items can be found in the Old City, especially on streets such as Saint-Jean and Saint-Louise. Explore smaller galleries to see up and coming artists, and make your purchase before their prices skyrocket!

Are antiques more your style? The winter climate of Quebec won’t keep the devoted shopper away from Saint-Paul. If you want to combine dining with your day of shopping, the bistros and trendy restaurants of the Saint-Roch district are the perfect way to unwind after all that browsing and buying!

One of the favorite Quebec City events is centered around shopping: a book fair. The Salon International du Livre de Quebec takes place each April and even offers readers the chance to meet some of their favorite authors. Bring your kids along and let them choose something special from the wide selection.

While Quebec is very well known for its fine-dining, it should also be better known for its café life, casual bistros, and quality of local produce. No matter your budget, there are great restaurants and shops to make your trip to Quebec City unforgettable!

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When to Visit

The climate of Quebec lengthens the winter season, making winter sports possible from November through April. If you’re anticipating the beginning of winter, or just don’t want it to end, look into deals with to give yourself some extra space on your adventure vacation.

The summer is also a popular time to visit Quebec City. Summer festivals, sidewalk cafés, and mild but sunny weather all draw visitors to eastern Canada. Many travelers choose to drive through New England to reach Quebec, and this drive is especially beautiful with the vibrant colors of autumn.

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What to Bring

What to bring will vary greatly depending on how you want to tackle Quebec. Looking to explore the top galleries, boutiques, and restaurants? Remember to bring dressy clothes for a special evening out, and don’t forget your comfortable walking shoes to tackle the city streets during the day.

Is adventure pulling you to Quebec like a magnet? Remember all the essentials such as durable shoes, warm clothes, a hat, gloves, and sports equipment. The landscape of Quebec is guaranteed to amaze—so be sure to remember your digital camera, and charge those batteries in advance!

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Local Services in

Expect to find all basic local services when you visit Quebec City. Banks, ATMs, post offices, Laundromats, grocery stores, and markets will all make getting your hands on the necessities simple.

Farmers markets are a great way to get to know Quebec. Return to your vacation rental with fresh produce and get your family together in the kitchen to cook a meal.

Tourist offices can help with specific things to do Quebec, whether you are interested in sports, history, architecture, art, dining, or adventurous activities. Thinking about taking a tour to learn about the layout of the city? Tourist offices can make suggestions for families, couples, or independent travelers.

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What to Know

Quebec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. As the former capital of New France, visitors will experience a significant French influence on the local culture. Don’t worry about conversing with locals (they will speak perfect English!). The quaint restaurants, French wine, and emphasis on delicious, simple food will leave you with a new appreciation for French culture.

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Getting to

Think you need to fly to visit Quebec City? While affordable flights can often be found, many visitors choose to drive, hop on a train, or take a bus across the border. Located only 380 miles from Boston, a last minute trip to attend Quebec City events can be planned without hassle.

The major international airport of Quebec City is Jean-LeSage Airport. Located 10 miles from downtown Quebec City, the airport makes exploring this historic city a breeze. Many visitors choose to rent a car from the airport, making dreams of skiing, ice fishing, and mountain biking a possibility.

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Why Vacation Rentals?

Where else can you enjoy French culture at such an affordable price? Pick up a bottle of French wine, and keep some fruit and cheese in your spacious kitchen for a special night in. After a day of white water rafting or climbing mountains, this cultural splurge will be all the more scrumptious.

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