San Diego County Things To Do

When you go to San Diego County, you may find that you can spend your entire vacation right there without ever leaving the area. That's because San Diego County vacation rentals are in such cities as San Diego, Balboa Park, and Escondido, just to name a few. And, all of the cities have different attractions to offer.

Freshwater Fishing and Boating Activities

You might not even think about freshwater places existing in San Diego since it's right on the coast, but the fact is that the City of San Diego itself is home to several freshwater reservoirs. Many people refer to these as the "San Diego Lakes," and indeed they are big enough to support fishing and other water sports.

Only one of the reservoirs, however, actually allows the use of personal watercraft, such as jet skis. The others will only allow boats to traverse them. Still, this can be a fun diversion for you and your family, especially if you enjoy freshwater fishing or boating activities.

Don't forget, though, you're right there on the beautiful Pacific Ocean. So, visit the beaches, go whale-watching or try your hand at deep-sea fishing. You can do all of these in San Diego.

The San Diego Zoo

San Diego County is also home to the famous San Diego Zoo, located in Balboa Park. The zoo complex consists of many different species of animals. The Safari Park, an extension of the zoo located near Escondido, expands upon the creatures your family can enjoy. Admission for each section is a separate charge, but purchasing a two-day pass at a slightly discounted rate will provide admission to both portions of the zoo.

If you purchase the two-day pass, you can ride a tram from the zoo to the Safari Park. This keeps you from having to drive to each separate place, saving you the hassle of hunting down and paying for a parking spot at both locations.

Visiting Mexico

In San Diego County, you are only about 22 miles away from the Mexican border. In fact, the border crossing at San Diego is often the most frequented, crossing over into the happening city of Tijuana. Take a car or use the pedestrian bridge. Because car traffic can become heavy, many people choose to park at one of the several available lots and walk across for the day.

Make sure you have your passport or visa with you, as well as identification for your children (a birth certificate is best). You may not have to show anything when you go into Mexico, but you will when you are re-entering the United States. Also remember that you will have to pass through customs on both sides of the border, so be prepared.

Dining and Shopping in San Diego County

San Diego gives you plenty of shopping areas and dining establishments to choose from. Many of them are located at Seaport Village. Find funky sunglasses at California Original Sunglasses to go with the wild shirt you bought at Crazy Shirts. Then, enjoy an "upscale casual" meal at Edgewater Grill or Buster's Beach House & Longboard Bar, or "come as you are" to Assagio Pizza Pasta Plus or Village Café.

Plan your visit to San Diego soon, and see what this entire bustling city has to offer. You'll be glad you did.


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